Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Time for "Blah" days!

But that's what yesterday was, just plain old BLAH! The longer the day got, the more I wanted to go to bed and start over.

I did work on my Heart of America sal with DJ just a bit. I was giving her time to catch up and she did, waving at me as she went by, lol.

Here's what last week's looked like:

And here's what a few minutes rendered last night.

I got so burned out with the 15 day stitching thing I just sat and read for a few days finishing two books and starting a third.

Today is one of those dark rainy days, a prelude to snow tonight and we don't know exactly how much or serious it will be. Everyone I love drives quite a distance to their jobs with country roads, then big bridges and overpasses, and ya'll know how we are in the south.

Today is going to be a stitch day for sure...I can pray while I stitch.

Thanks for tagging along with me. Gillie, it was fun to see your comment :) and I agree with you; I think these challenges are just another great big way of enabling all of us. I've seen several in my stash that I've pulled so I won't forget about them again, and then there's those that are not in my stash. Oh woe is me!




Sheila said...

I must agree with you, I've had the blah's for quite a few days lately. It has to be this weather.I'm not far from you and I'm hoping we don't get the bad stuff this time.

DJ said...

I'll join you in prayer for your family's safety, Babs! I hope you don't get too much, they are calling for some freezing rain stuff here overnight...YUCK! I'm going to pray for some blue sky, warm, sunny days to fall on us SOON! As for your Heart of America...It's looking so beautiful! (Love the red house...can't wait to get that far!!) And as someone quoted in one of the groups...one stitch today is one less tomorrow! We'll get there!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and YES! I did meet and enjoy my yahoo friend. I wish you lived closer, I would love to give you a hug!! *Hugs*

Nancy said...

Your stitching is beautiful Babs, and you feel blah just stand back and look at what you can do with needle and thread!

We are having a very rainy day, today and tomorrow, but no snow for us this time. I hope yours doesn't cause any traffic mishaps and that you stay nice and warm.

Karen said...

Great progress on your SAL! I know we are expecting some heavy rain...hope you don't get too much snow!

happy stitching...

Siobhan said...

Lovely progress on your SAL, Babs! I am itching to get out one of my LHNs now. Happy stitching!

Patty C. said...

I love snow - It is so beautiful when freshly fallen -

Just get a blanket, some hot chocolate, start a fire & enjoy !!

Your progress on your SAL looks great
Have a great day !!!!!