Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Nan sal finish!!!

Now this isn't just any finish. This is a wip-into-ufo-into-wip-into-ufo-into-wip-into-FINISH!!!!
I started this piece very soon after it's publication. I wasn't used to the checkered fabric and it gave me fits. The colors so subtle were interfering with fabric with color squares, etc.

A great big thanks to Zeb over at Keep Calm and Stitch for Just Nan Sal and Just Nan junkies fb group I became determined. I couldn't seem to start one without finishing this one. So, here it is complete with all my mistakes, a few tears, and some changes out of pure frustration.

Morning Song by Just Nan
stitched by Babs with
DMC threads on
28 ct Graziano Riviera cream/natural

hugs to all,

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Friday and January finish for me!!!

Oh wow! Thanks to someone in one of my stitching groups I saw this piece stitched and had to have it for myself. Good thing that google search bar is there because I can find charts so easy; or maybe it's not so good sometimes :)
Anyway, here it is. I have other things to post too but it will be  over the weekend I post sal pics.
To get this post in is a miracle. It does make a difference when you got something to show, doesn't it?

design by  Cross Point Designs
called for GAST threads

hugs to all!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Time to Start...Again!

Happy New Year to all the bloggers out there, my friends who know me and my friends who don't know me yet!
I hope to make this year a blogging good year. Last year was a total loss so starting from scratch is always the easiest way sometime.

Me with youngest grandson Sam
Karen, Tami, Mickey, Jeff
in order standing...not age
Happy New Year!
Hugs & Happy Stitching!




Friday, September 27, 2013

pumpkins for Cathey!

Happy blogaversary, Cathey. Here's hoping it's a great day for you and praying it's a good day with your health. There's a whole blogging world praying, sending good thoughts, hugs and wishes your way, and I am one of those people. God bless you, dear Cathey, and give you strength and courage.