Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello from sunny cool Alabama!

I think I could write a book called "After the chemo is over" by the Care Giver. Or maybe I should call it "Where do we go from here?" also by Care Giver.

I am half way into the second week since Herman returned to Philadelphia and still don't know what to do around here. Everything needs dusting and vacuuming and laundering or folding or mopping, or stitching, etc. etc.

And here I sit. I did some laundry yesterday and cleaned one bathroom which resulted in a panic attack, my 20 yr. old grandson babysitting me last night, and the oxygen running round the clock. I wanted to share this picture with you (which is a rough draft) of the portraits taken outside here before Herman left.

I am sitting in the middle with dd Karen (a widow) on my right and her 16 yr. old dd Sarah sitting on the ground my left. Herman is the one with his hand on my shoulder (of course) and the man in the middle is grandson Andrew mentioned earlier and his 18 yr. old brother also my grandson, Tyler. All three are Karen's children.

Maybe I'll have something stitched to post later. I did get the ornament stitched for buddy in England and mailed off Monday so can't post that picture yet.

Anybody know what to do when you've been a care giver and don't know how to get priorities in order when it's all over?

He is doing ok and is going to a big model train show in Allentown, PA this weekend. That will be fun and relaxing for him and he'll get whatever Christmas he's going to get while he's there. When you get our age and both have hobbies, it's just more fun for us to get what we want ourselves and be thankful that we can do that.

Bye for now,