Friday, September 27, 2013

pumpkins for Cathey!

Happy blogaversary, Cathey. Here's hoping it's a great day for you and praying it's a good day with your health. There's a whole blogging world praying, sending good thoughts, hugs and wishes your way, and I am one of those people. God bless you, dear Cathey, and give you strength and courage.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

some UFO's into WIPS

Because I'm getting older and sicker I've been thinking about pieces I so dearly wanted to finish but never got too far on them.

First up is a sampler by Little by Little called Mary Had a Lamb. It was a gift to me from one of my stitching daughters Tami including threads and 28 count linen which I stitched on a lot back then. I did put a few stitches in it today. I actually wrote the time and date I started...June 3, 2003
Next up is Under the Friendship Tree by Mirabilia. I began this a long time ago too. It's one I was stitching in honor of my 35 year friendship with dear friend Earlene.  Earlene lost her long battle with a terminal illness on May 17. I'm working on it now to honor her.

Then what  little bit I've done on Just Nan's Summer at the Beach, the second of a four part series. I fell in love with this and started it immediately but it's been a very sad time for me and needles almost idle.

God is good and his promises are true. Earl's suffering is over and she is safely resting in the Lord.

I've missed two tusals and months of monthly sals, but I'm still here and hope to hear from some of you.

Til then, Happy Stitching,

Monday, June 10, 2013

a note about Nancy over at

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: She's having another giveaway which you can click on in my side bar. But I just felt I had to say something here about this giveaway.
Nancy has proven herself a very thoughtful and giving person already to most all of us probably. She always goes a step further than she has to making her giveaways some of the best but also doing the same in  her business techniques.
When I read that she was going to get the name of one of our friends from us to give away some of her beautiful threads I thought....'why not? It is Nancy after all'.
So go over and check out her blog, and sign up a friend.
10 of these beautiful threads. That's what someone gets

Hugs for now,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TuSaL and a giftie

  It is storming in Alabama right now.  At least it seems to be moving pretty fast but that's just me. I know this line of storms has already caused some damage but praying we won't get the heavy winds. Right now just heavy rain, thunder and lightening, but afraid the worst is going over my dd Tami in Hartselle.
Anyway reporting in on my orts for this time. I did a lot of frogging...think I'm seeing a trend here.
 Also next to the orts wanted to share what I got in the mail today. My exchange gift from stitching buddy Sandi. She didn't send just one, but two ornies. Don't you love that bunny's tail? So cute.

Just have to share my RAK from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Look at all these beautiful laces and trims and ric rac and buttons, colors chosen by her. And btw, her giveaway is still going on (my sidebar) until April 15th drawing. Go over and put your name in. If you haven't used her beautiful 'stuff' yet or taken advantage of her cross stitch charts, you're missing out for real.

Val's Stuff
28ct Gingham
Crescent Colors & Sampler threads
mystery exchange from
 me to buddy DebS 

I leave you with Sophie and me. Some have asked to see how she's grown.

hugs and happy stitching!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Scarlet Letter

I am part of some facebook groups now and signed up for an impossible amount of sal's. But through that I became part of Nicola's birthday year of finishing a Scarlet Letter sampler. Link in my sidebar.
This particular Scarlet Letter I haven't even shown over there yet but thought I'd share here first so you can see I do actually stitch (DJ, lol). I got your cute comment. Will try to stitch on BRD today with you and Mouse.
Anyway, this is called Susan Singleton and I just love the colors  which I'm using dmc instead of silk. The scan doesn't quite live up to my naked eye view, hehe, but this little bit has been fun.

36 ct linen
dmc threads
This is three nights work. first night stitching; 2nd night frogging; 3rd night redoing and adding to. I do hope to add this to an already stretched to infinity rotation.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

tusal and a quick hello

After all this time I wonder if I'm supposed to show how I got the few orts I get every month. I'd have to show and tell all my wips cause I don't have one finish. And I almost forgot to snap a picture this time.
Along with the orts is my alter ego Grumpy. I saw this at a flea market one day along with some of the other dwarfs and decided Grumpy had to come home with me. I told every one that if they could see Grumpy when they come in they better watch out. Course he took a seat in the rocker next to my chair and pretty much stays there all the time. Not sure what that means.
Anyway, just wanted to report my ort before the hour gets too late.

bye til next time,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

tusal, an ornament and a gift

I almost forgot...again!! It's ORT day and I have a few this time.  Hubby found this little container for me and it's just perfect.  need or want info on the tusal and what it's all abut just click the link in my sidebar and it will take you over to Daffy Cat. She knows everything :)

Behind the orts on the left is the beautiful valentine exchange ornament stitched by stitching buddy Diane Hammond in England. The chocolate disappeared out of the picture for some reason...prolly because hubby loves UK candy.
 Ornament on the right is my ornament for January. It's Snow Cold by Little house neeedleworks using dmc's and one GAST. I posted my finish on a now defunct year long ornament sal. The pretty ornament sal link in my sidebar is the correct one. Why don't you click on it and join the fun?
 The blue rick rack is from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler shoppe and does match the blue of the ornament even though it doesn't look like it.  Nancy hand dyes her threads and the trim like this rick rack.
Go check her out. Almost always a giveaway going on over there too.
Happy Stitching every buddy,


Monday, January 28, 2013

I finished something in January

I actually finished this  a week or so ago but had to wait for my exchange partner to get it before I posted a picture. Vickey doesn't have a blog or I would add her link here. She is actually in one of the pics in my sidebar but without having it in front of me, not sure where it is down the page.

This was a valentine exchange, but I didn't choose the traditional hearts and flowers. I've been wanting to stitch Vickey something since that day in the pic when we met here at my LNS.
Enuff said. Except I finished something in January so hoping that's a good sign for the rest of the stitching year :)
I want to thank Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler for having exactly what color ric rac I need when I need it. She had dyes it and I'd like one of every color.


Friday, January 11, 2013

TUSAL First of 2013 and a RAK!

I admit I did not remember because I fell off the tusal thing mid year last year, and wasn't even thinking about it this early. Three of my grandchildren made my calendar for the year and they forgot all about the moons :)
I've been doing a lot of joining of stitch-a-longs, drooling over everyone else's choices, gathering up supplies and very little stitching as this picture will confirm, but do have big plans for the year as well as plans for a new ort jar. Please note in the sidebar, a TUSAL link for anybody who doesn't know what this craziness is all about.

I am not going to show all my piddly little starts right now but want to honor my sal's with a picture of progress at least at the end of every month...yep, I said month. And that is beside all the ones rolled over from last year.
Last year was not a good year mentally, medically, physically or spiritually, but putting that all behind and moving on will be an exciting adventure. Don't you agree?
This other picture Is of a needlebook made by my friend Patti, not exactly a gift, but stitched by her none-the-less. Her stitching and finishing is perfection.
So, where is the RAK? that would be the chart you see in this picture. A surprise from Romilly who is a part of one of the fb groups I joined. Thank you so much, Romilly for the totally unexpected prize in my mailbox!!

I have decided I like RAK's and I'm going to be sending some of my own. Grandma's slow but she's old and she always does catch up eventually.

Happy Stitching and Hugs