Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of another year...WOW!

I thought I better say something today since I'm going to be so busy stitching tomorrow :) What a crazy 15 days it'll be for all of us accepting one or both crazy 2011 challenges (sidebar)
First of all, Alabama did have snow and some of us were grounded on icy country roads....that would be me. The snow was beautiful but the ice scares me since I have so many grandchildren who are driving now. But the little ones built snowmen, one even had a carrot nose and coals for eyes :) didn't get a picture of that.

To all my blogging friends I pray for you a year of happiness and health; a year filled with good memories to treasure; blogging friendships growing; stitching finishes multiplying; and me learning how to navigate the blogging thing, lol.

Please remember the One whose eye is on the sparrow, for I know He watches you and me too!

I'll leave you with a few snow pics all taken from my back porch except for the mailboxes...I'm in the middle box; and a story behind the little red shoes...The Sweetest Gift.

Once upon a time a little girl named Babs lived with her three brothers and mommy and daddy in what served as a two room house. They were very poor in the basic needs of life not to mention any material stuff. The owners of the little houses lived in The BIG House across the beautifully manicured lawn. We were forbidden to wander over that way, but the little girl at the big house loved to play with Babs.
One day she took off her pretty red shoes and let Babs wear them for awhile. When it was time for her to leave Babs didn't want to give up the shoes so they waited until she took her nap, then slipped the shoes off and gave tham back to their owner. When Babs awoke, she knew immediately the shoes were gone....the tears were still dry on her face streaking through the dirt of playing earlier, but now the tears came again and to this day, almost 60 years later Babs never saw those shoes or her little friend again.

But this year my daughter in law Mindy who almost cried when she heard that story the first time, in trying to come up with the perfect gift had an idea and it will always mean as much to me as those little red shoes did so long ago....the only difference? I get to keep these. They were worn by her Emily, my 5yr. old granddaughter, until recently and together they gave me the Sweetest gift of all. Not to be confused with the Greatest gift, Jesus, just the sweetest.

God bless all of you this new year. Thank you for being my friend and for the comments you leave. Some so thoughtful, some so funny, but all enjoyed so very very much.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy January 2011 Challenge list

I did something really crazy this year....crazier even than the years before when I sign up for the seemingly impossible. I will start 15 brand new projects from January 1st thru January 15th......BUT! That's not all!
I will also work on 15 wips or ufo's from the 1st thru the 15th. I've listed those on our Flip'n Crazy January 2011 Challenge (sidebar)
Is this possible....or what?
1. Quaker Virtues by ByGone Stitches (2nd start)
2. Ann Pennsylvania Peacock by Little by Little
3. Quaker Silence by Tree of Life Samplings
4. Mansfield Park by The Sampler Girl
5. Patriotic Branch by Bent Creek
6. A Patriot's Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs
7. His Flowers by Karen Kluba/Rosewood Manor
8. Spring Quaker by Rosewood Manor
9. Quaker Harmony by My Big Toe
10. Apple Tree Sampler by Hawkins House
11. Proud and True by Blue Ribbon Designs
12. Isaiah 40:11 by Erica Michaels
13. Tortoise and the Hare by Prairie Schooler
14.Anna's Prayer by Heartstring Samplery
15. The World of Cross Stitching Issues 101 and 102 count as one
Light Summer Breeze
The Sweetest Thing (both by Flora White)

Oh yes! The idea is to finish all 30 by the end of the year
maybe, just maybe, some of these will be done by the end of can dream, can't one?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just checking in

Good morning to all my blogging friends and those in my groups that check in even though they don't blog. You mean a lot to me.

A few days after my last post I got very sick, sick enough to go to the hospital. Most of you know about my copd/emphysema/asthma and most of the time it's under control. I must have allowed an infection to run rampant in me until it caused such panic and anxiety I gave up and let them take me to the hospital.

A round of prednisone pushed me over the edge I was standing on along with antibiotics, etc. I was scared to be alone; my dd Karen stayed on my couch the first week, then her son Andrew stayed with me until last weekend. Had to be lights on all night and noise all day...have never been exactly here before.

I'm better now, but still not 100%. I'm good, though, and so thankful that I know who holds my life in His hands and has never left or forsaken me even when I was out of my head.

I won't be out in the crowds during the holidays but I'm making a poor family.

Herman will be coming home from Philadelphia tomorrow and stay until New Year's. We have his tests and doctors to deal with all next week, so please pray for us that pet scan and blood work and colonoscopy are all clear and report is good.

Since this last attack I've not read a book except for my devotionals and Bible; I've not stitched anything, my ornies or anything else :(

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm still here and looking forward to getting this blog REALLY off the ground in 2011...there's so much I need to learn about blogs.
Reading all your posts and looking at your pictures has been a calming joy for me these last weeks, but haven't been leaving comments much.

I will check in again soon, hopefully with something to show for my time.
Hugs & God bless during the holiday season,