Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of another year...WOW!

I thought I better say something today since I'm going to be so busy stitching tomorrow :) What a crazy 15 days it'll be for all of us accepting one or both crazy 2011 challenges (sidebar)
First of all, Alabama did have snow and some of us were grounded on icy country roads....that would be me. The snow was beautiful but the ice scares me since I have so many grandchildren who are driving now. But the little ones built snowmen, one even had a carrot nose and coals for eyes :) didn't get a picture of that.

To all my blogging friends I pray for you a year of happiness and health; a year filled with good memories to treasure; blogging friendships growing; stitching finishes multiplying; and me learning how to navigate the blogging thing, lol.

Please remember the One whose eye is on the sparrow, for I know He watches you and me too!

I'll leave you with a few snow pics all taken from my back porch except for the mailboxes...I'm in the middle box; and a story behind the little red shoes...The Sweetest Gift.

Once upon a time a little girl named Babs lived with her three brothers and mommy and daddy in what served as a two room house. They were very poor in the basic needs of life not to mention any material stuff. The owners of the little houses lived in The BIG House across the beautifully manicured lawn. We were forbidden to wander over that way, but the little girl at the big house loved to play with Babs.
One day she took off her pretty red shoes and let Babs wear them for awhile. When it was time for her to leave Babs didn't want to give up the shoes so they waited until she took her nap, then slipped the shoes off and gave tham back to their owner. When Babs awoke, she knew immediately the shoes were gone....the tears were still dry on her face streaking through the dirt of playing earlier, but now the tears came again and to this day, almost 60 years later Babs never saw those shoes or her little friend again.

But this year my daughter in law Mindy who almost cried when she heard that story the first time, in trying to come up with the perfect gift had an idea and it will always mean as much to me as those little red shoes did so long ago....the only difference? I get to keep these. They were worn by her Emily, my 5yr. old granddaughter, until recently and together they gave me the Sweetest gift of all. Not to be confused with the Greatest gift, Jesus, just the sweetest.

God bless all of you this new year. Thank you for being my friend and for the comments you leave. Some so thoughtful, some so funny, but all enjoyed so very very much.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy January 2011 Challenge list

I did something really crazy this year....crazier even than the years before when I sign up for the seemingly impossible. I will start 15 brand new projects from January 1st thru January 15th......BUT! That's not all!
I will also work on 15 wips or ufo's from the 1st thru the 15th. I've listed those on our Flip'n Crazy January 2011 Challenge (sidebar)
Is this possible....or what?
1. Quaker Virtues by ByGone Stitches (2nd start)
2. Ann Pennsylvania Peacock by Little by Little
3. Quaker Silence by Tree of Life Samplings
4. Mansfield Park by The Sampler Girl
5. Patriotic Branch by Bent Creek
6. A Patriot's Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs
7. His Flowers by Karen Kluba/Rosewood Manor
8. Spring Quaker by Rosewood Manor
9. Quaker Harmony by My Big Toe
10. Apple Tree Sampler by Hawkins House
11. Proud and True by Blue Ribbon Designs
12. Isaiah 40:11 by Erica Michaels
13. Tortoise and the Hare by Prairie Schooler
14.Anna's Prayer by Heartstring Samplery
15. The World of Cross Stitching Issues 101 and 102 count as one
Light Summer Breeze
The Sweetest Thing (both by Flora White)

Oh yes! The idea is to finish all 30 by the end of the year
maybe, just maybe, some of these will be done by the end of can dream, can't one?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just checking in

Good morning to all my blogging friends and those in my groups that check in even though they don't blog. You mean a lot to me.

A few days after my last post I got very sick, sick enough to go to the hospital. Most of you know about my copd/emphysema/asthma and most of the time it's under control. I must have allowed an infection to run rampant in me until it caused such panic and anxiety I gave up and let them take me to the hospital.

A round of prednisone pushed me over the edge I was standing on along with antibiotics, etc. I was scared to be alone; my dd Karen stayed on my couch the first week, then her son Andrew stayed with me until last weekend. Had to be lights on all night and noise all day...have never been exactly here before.

I'm better now, but still not 100%. I'm good, though, and so thankful that I know who holds my life in His hands and has never left or forsaken me even when I was out of my head.

I won't be out in the crowds during the holidays but I'm making a poor family.

Herman will be coming home from Philadelphia tomorrow and stay until New Year's. We have his tests and doctors to deal with all next week, so please pray for us that pet scan and blood work and colonoscopy are all clear and report is good.

Since this last attack I've not read a book except for my devotionals and Bible; I've not stitched anything, my ornies or anything else :(

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm still here and looking forward to getting this blog REALLY off the ground in 2011...there's so much I need to learn about blogs.
Reading all your posts and looking at your pictures has been a calming joy for me these last weeks, but haven't been leaving comments much.

I will check in again soon, hopefully with something to show for my time.
Hugs & God bless during the holiday season,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello from sunny cool Alabama!

I think I could write a book called "After the chemo is over" by the Care Giver. Or maybe I should call it "Where do we go from here?" also by Care Giver.

I am half way into the second week since Herman returned to Philadelphia and still don't know what to do around here. Everything needs dusting and vacuuming and laundering or folding or mopping, or stitching, etc. etc.

And here I sit. I did some laundry yesterday and cleaned one bathroom which resulted in a panic attack, my 20 yr. old grandson babysitting me last night, and the oxygen running round the clock. I wanted to share this picture with you (which is a rough draft) of the portraits taken outside here before Herman left.

I am sitting in the middle with dd Karen (a widow) on my right and her 16 yr. old dd Sarah sitting on the ground my left. Herman is the one with his hand on my shoulder (of course) and the man in the middle is grandson Andrew mentioned earlier and his 18 yr. old brother also my grandson, Tyler. All three are Karen's children.

Maybe I'll have something stitched to post later. I did get the ornament stitched for buddy in England and mailed off Monday so can't post that picture yet.

Anybody know what to do when you've been a care giver and don't know how to get priorities in order when it's all over?

He is doing ok and is going to a big model train show in Allentown, PA this weekend. That will be fun and relaxing for him and he'll get whatever Christmas he's going to get while he's there. When you get our age and both have hobbies, it's just more fun for us to get what we want ourselves and be thankful that we can do that.

Bye for now,


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Been Thinking

Years ago someone gave my husband a little plaque which said "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit".

Well, I been doing a lot of sitting and thinking recently and this is what I've decided. I have only one stitching obligation left to do and that is a Christmas ornament for a stitching buddy in England. The JCS ornament issue this year is one of my favorite so far and I would like to stitch a bunch of them. So, when I clear the area to do Leah's ornie, I think I'll just finish out the year stitching ornies. I still have some LHN's to do, but I think I can get quite a few done.

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking today.

Here is a picture of the Halloween Revelry pillow I did for sweet friend Julie Buck of In The Company of Friends. She's a designer herself so that was a little intimidating, but she's also a beautiful soul so I knew she'd like whatever I did for her. This is taken from The Primitive Needle's sampler and stitched on PTP heritage. "Juliebee" as we call her in our yahoo stitching buddies group likes witchies.

And here is my little finish for the week. I can take credit for the mistakes but not for the beautiful colors; it's Shepherd's Bush My Pins kit.

Thank you for your comments and hopefully, I will get better at having something for you to comment on :) It's been a strange year both personally and on the stitching front. Thanks for hanging in there with me.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Something to celebrate, a day trip & and a finish!

Well, I forgot to add my finish for the week.
It's called Be Still and Know by My Big Toe.
A favorite verse of mine and got me
through some rough patches this year.
This blog post has been started,
deleted, restarted, drafted, and it's gonna'
go right now just like it is. Phew!

Grampa and Luke returning from their trip to Russell Cave. I'm taking the picture cause I
couldn't make the walk, but that' s ok...they're buddies :)

Tuesday the 5th was a good good day. No more chemo! No more blood tests! Well, not until
Dec. 13 for a pet scan, the 15th for colonoscopy and the 21st for consult. But that seems a life time away.

He shooked the doctor's hand and hugged all his nurses before he left the cancer center, but his favorite person, Hezekiah, wasn't there for him to say good bye. They sat in those recliners and got to know each other so well. I wonder, do people stay in touch? Herman will be off to Pennsylvania the day after his birthday which is Oct. 17th.

I hope he doesn't check in on my blog cause on the 16th my youngest daughter who is a photographer is trying to get this whole family together for a family picture out in the back yard. He thinks it's just for the picture, but they will have cake and all the fixings for his birthday. One will be absent for sure, our granddaughter in the navy, but Karen will phtoshop her in I'm thinking.

Our day trip to Chattanooga Choo Choo model trains and to Bridgeport, AL's Russell Cave with our grandson Luke was a fun fun day! There was one condition to him going with us....we had to be home by 7PM for the Alabama/Florida game...we walked in the door at his house at 6:55. He is a die-hard Crimson Tide fan and he just turned 9 last Wednesday the 6th...the Tide won so made for him a perfect day.

I call this pic on the left "watching the wheels turn". Luke loved working all the levers on this engine at Chattanooga Choo Choo. He told me if I looked close I could see the wheels turn.

On the right he's standing in front of one of the "coolest" displays at Russel Cave museum.

This is Luke and me showing off the fountain behind us...they just wanted me to be in at least one of the pictures :) I really am there.
And this last picture is my personal you see Luke in the upper corner? It's just a reflection of him as I took the blurred picture of one of the model train sets. My heart skipped a beat when I caught sight of his image.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday finishes and other things

It's been a while, and looking back I'm not sure why I haven't checked in sooner.

Maybe it's because chemo was winding down and my heart and mind was on getting through it without any surprises.

God willing, he's had his last treatment; will go for bloodwork and consult with Dr. Becdash on the 5th and then make plans for returning to work. He came home from Philly, ya'll, on February 17th and he's been here since. He's feeling ok, but he's so run down...his appetite seems to have come back, though. He's proud to show me he cleaned his plate for the last few evening's been a struggle getting him to eat.

Not much stitching since my last post except for the halloween exchange piece I work on a little bit every chance I get. Can't show that cause it's a surprise and I know she will check my blog when I post :)

But I can show some of the recent finishing on some not so recent pieces.

This is my oldest piece; it's Northanger Abbey by The Sampler Girl I stitched back in 2004, but just made it into pillow this week.

Next comes Say Grace also by The Sampler Girl; it's not quite as old but done in 2009 . I loved this piece the minute I saw it.

Then there is Land That I Love I already shared with you, but now a part of my patriotic scene. Wow! one stitched and finished in the same year :)
Last and least, but not my least favorite for sure is Blackbird Designs which I finished right after I showed you the WIP of it, but too lazy to post.
Oh yes, the little sheepie piece was stitched by dd Tami and was supposed to be pin cushion but decided to frame it. I love all things sheep!

I've read a few books, (listed on the right) but the biggest surprise of September was my Kindle! Baby brother Ed and his wife Twila bought me a kindle just because...the best kind of gift, huh? Everyone is always calling and asking about Herman, but then one day Ed called and said he wanted to know how his sis was doing. Before we'd hung up the phone (he lives in Kansas), he had ordered the kindle and the cover. He called this week and asked if I'd figured out how to use it yet. I told him Sure! you just order a book and read, right? I LOVE it!

Tomorrow, Herman and I are going to try something we haven't done in awhile. We are going to drive to Chattanooga, TN to see the model train display at the Hilton. In case I haven't mentioned before, Herman is a model train (HO & N scale) enthusiast and Luke has come a lot to "play" with him during all this chemo stuff. He will be nine years old this week. Last picture, of course, is Luke, the only grandson that carries his grampa's last name. He tells people that's why his grampa loves him so much.
That's about it for this afternoon. Maybe I'll have some pics of the day trip tomorrow.
BIG thanks and hugs to all of you who have prayed us through these months. It means a lot to me. Just in case ya'll don't know....DJ's (you know, Tickled Pink) birthday is the 18th of this month a day after my hubby's. She'll be one of those "landmark" ages, but she thanks God for everyone of those days and years and gives Him the glory for walking alongside her and even carrying her through this year of surgeries and chemo, setbacks, struggles, tears and laughter...always laughter with DJ. She has been an inspiration for me dropping in via snail mail or email just when I need it the most.
I know she's been an inspiration to many of you and now is a really good time to let her know :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UFO Tuesday

Today's UFO is going to be The Woolgatherer's Cottage Farm by Linda Myers. I wrote down when I started it some years ago, but can't remember where I put that list :(
I thought if I posted a picture, it would shame me into getting some real stitching done on it. It's a fun piece done on the 25 count called for and dmc threads.
I think I tried to do this posting a ufo thing some time back and it had absolutely no effect on getting it done. maybe it will work this time.

Happy Tuesday! and God bless!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I thought I'd be one of those people

You know, that keeps a record of everything just in case we need to refer to a day or date or test or surgery or chemo or breathing test or bill paid (or not)...and on...and on.... And I'd get so many books read while waiting at the cancer center, or pieces finished. that just isn't gonna' happen.

I have done exactly the opposite and oh, how I wish I had DJ's gift of gab and wit and humor over at Tickled Pink...but I don't and at this stage of the game called life, I don't think that's gonna' happen either:(

My hubby and I are the same age for a few short months each year and this is when we are. 63 is not old, ya'll. It really isn't!
63 is when you look just a little ahead to retirement and a little relaxation and maybe just a dollar or two to spend at lns or hobby train shop. My grandbabies aren't grandbabies anymore and they all love us and love to visit, but they have places to go and people to see and school and all those things that take no time (or all your time) when you're young.

Hubby just finished his 9th of 12 rounds of chemo...he was getting sick before he even left the center Tuesday and he's gotten gradually worse every day. I really have to hover over him and get on his last nerve (that's already shredded) so he doesn't get dehydrated. He sees it as interfering with his "rest".

I had my big check up with pulmonary Tuesday which is a drive some distance away; had already cancelled once and could not miss this one. I went one way and he went the other. Pneumonia shots do a number on me for about 24 hours and this time was no different. With his shredded last nerve and my lack of nerves altogether and the pain and fever of the shot and the all over wish I was dead feeling, the two of us don't have enough room in this house that used to hold six.

They've upped my oxygen to "don't be frugal with the oxygen! Use it!" I've fought it so long I don't know how to just sit around and breath oxygen when I'm not moving.

Today I needed just a few things from "the pig" aka Piggly Wiggly, the place to go when you just need a few things. Ok, for that 10 mile round trip, my 20 year old grandson who is literally my right arm comes and carries my purse, my water, and my tank cause I have to put on the oxygen to do all that. I go NOWHERE by myself.

Hopefully, that's going to change in just a little bit. I'm waiting on oxygen people to come and check out my big unit and bring me some little bitty tanks I can carry and breath all at the same time and make some short runs to the pig or the lns or even to church by myself.

Oh yes! when I turned on my driveway which is a 3 tenths of a mile one lane gravel road, the garbage truck met me head on at the 90 degree curve...he kept coming and kept coming and I had to back all the way out of my road onto the main road cause he wouldn't stop or pull over. I couldn't cause my little car in the ditch would have been catastrophe! The picture is looking from my mailbox towards the 90 degree curve which has virtually no ditch, but around the curve does...that's where I was :(

So, here we are, both 63, both sick, I spent an hour trying to find a check I'd written and didn't register and there it was all the time, registered, subtracted and un-numbered. I dread the day when it's going to be the other way around. The way things are going, I just know that will happen. But, that's probably ok cause I'm real good at paying a medical bill before the insurance has taken care of it and I get these little surprise checks in the mail and it's like Free Money! and I can go buy a book or a chart or some thread!
Here's the "Small Token" by Blackbird designs I hope to have ready to make into a pin cushion by tonight. Wish me luck?
Happy Thursday every buddy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So little to show & tell

It is so hot and humid in the south, there's just very few ways to amuse one's self when there's no air to breath and no energy either.
But I managed to mow some on Saturday while it was still in the low 90's, go to church on Sunday while it was in the high 90's, cook chicken stew for hubby yesterday and have done absolutely nothing today and it's almost noon!
On the stitching front, I've delighted in this little piece by Little House Needleworks called Simple Joys. Thing is, this is my second start on it. I actually had to trash the first one cause I cut the fabric too close...I forgot to measure and measure again before I picked up the scissors. I had started it on a bigger piece of fabric and waited to get a bit done before trimming the fabric down. I was so mad at myself that I threw the other one in the trash or I would share with you. Second start is from the middle outward instead of top left corner where I usually start. I love these purple flowers :)

And then, here is my last finish that I forgot to share with you. This
is Land That I Love by Shepherd's Bush. Thought I'd get it finished
into a pillow before showing it, but the sewing machine is in yonder and I'm in here :)

My 45th wedding anniversary will be Friday...45 years! That really is a long long time. My big brother ran into an old friend of mine at highschool reunion last weekend and I've really been walking down memory lane since talking to him (brother).
She and I were friends all through high school when we thought the most important thing in the world was a boy friend. I have not talked to her since the birth of my youngest child in 1977. I moved away from home town a few months after birth of first child and lost contact with just about everyone but a few friends and family.
I've written her via email this morning and hopefully will "talk" to her soon. So much has happened in both our lives, to catch up would be almost impossible. She knew my husband while he was still just my steady boyfriend.
I have enjoyed reading the blogs I follow. Even if I fail to leave a comment, please know that I check in on you every time you post.
Til next time, God bless and keep you safe and well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a difference a week can make!

Last week (on my birthday at the cancer center)life as we thought we knew it seemed to come to a screeching halt, but then came today.
Dh had gone to the cancer center by himself for blood work and to have a sit down with his doctor. I took that time to pick up my journal which I had not been writing in. I tried to put into words how hopeless it all seemed and of course, as always when I stop and reflect and remember who God is and that He is in control of all things and has always brought me through the storms, I'm able to take a deep breath and stand up rejuvenated and ready for whatever news dh would give me.

Without going into detail, I can say that is is a brighter day; news was good; there is a light at the end of this tunnel called chemo therapy. It's not over, but he's over half way; we've come this far and "...yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow...." we are just walking through it.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to me who can go up to down and back up again at the blink of any eye....or the whisper of a prayer.
Nancy, you asked how you could have missed about my probably just thought I wasn't posting...I wasn't for a bit , then under a new blog name. Easy to understand. Just glad you signed on again.
I'm glad for all of you here!
God bless each of you in whatever is happening in your corner of the world.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My birthday almost gone/gone now!

I forgot to post this on my birthday so am doing it now. I am 63 and so thankful for the life God has granted me, and the blessings He always bestows on me in spite of myself. Thank you, Lord, that your eye is always on the sparrow , and thank you for the friends I've met through this blogging world.

Not much to report on my special day. We were at the cancer center by 8:15 and very little made sense for the rest of the day. Before the day was done I was thinking that another doctor and another cancer center were in order, but too tired to do anything about it.

Doctor saying one week that Herman's neuropothy would be permanent and if it gets worse they will stop treatment immediately and for good.

Two weeks later nurse practitioner throwing up her hands and says she doesn't know what he's talking about; have never done it that way before and so she cut his dose to 85% and wrote two prescriptions for him to take....this because she's unable to reach doc to discuss what in the world is going on. We got the meds, but they will be on hold til we see the "real" doctor.

On the home front, I got so many hand drawn and written cards from grandchildren, some made me cry and some made me laugh out loud. I got lots of little patriotic thingies since they are all on sale right now to go into the patriotic corner I'm working on. My hubby had gotten me the beautiful Patriotic Bible last week which was what I asked for; oldest daughter almost done with the most beautiful flag piece I've ever seen in cross stitch...just don't have pictures; daughter in law brought over a banana pudding for both of us...a rare treat. Baby daughter brought a framed pic she had taken at Gatlinburg a few weeks ago (she's a photographer) and a sketch of rose heart not quite done.

Thought I'd share a few old photos with you. Most people have to go find old graphics...I just go to our old photo albums :)

From first grade to checking out the roses and my long hair before walking to church; a calendar girl laying in the sunshine, and last but not three brothers.

God bless!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Patriotic stitching frenzie

Nonnie (me) & granddaughter Annie
I know this isn't much to show, but wanted to let you know what's been going on around here. July is my birthday month and I've always shied away from all the patriotic stuff that comes out every year around July and the 4th. But something happened this year...maybe cause I'm turning 63 soon and my country doesn't look the same anymore, or maybe I'm ashamed of always giving the patriotic pieces I stitch away. Whatever the reason, I do feel so patriotic, and I am so proud of being an American, I just feel like doing something about it.

My daddy served in WWII; my little brother served in Vietnam; my two other brothers served in the military in their early years. Maybe I'll just stitch all this in their honor and the honor of all the others now, which includes my granddaughter Annie (above picture), my niece Jenny, my geat nephew Carlie Ryan and his wife Ariella. Hats off to all of you then and now and those to come.

This first piece, hard to identify right now is Shepherd's Bush Land that I Love.
Here is Shepherd's Bush Tiny Flag which hopefully, will be a pin cushion in the next couple of days...maybe?Finished pieces today include Blackbird Designs little July stocking which started this whole thing.
And then, Shepherd's Bush Be Brave pillow. It looks a little squshed or lop-sided, but this is the first scan. When I get them all displayed, it will look better...I think.
I have this old timey table that I'm converting into my patriotic place, and hope to have a picture of it for you this week.
Bye and hugs for now,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Short post before another Friday is gone

My stitching buddy Vickey in stitchingbuddies yahoo group found out I'd been looking for Listen to the Silence by Marcia Muller. She said she'd send it right on to me when she found where she put it.
She found it; I got it Wednesday and read the last page a few minutes ago. A very good book with a neat little twist I absolutely didn't see coming and then the last paragraph opened up a whole new idea on the next book.
But, that book wasn't all! there was another book called Sullivan's Island by Dorothea Benton Frank, a JABC chart complete with buttons and this adorable book bag! I love it! thank you Vickey!
And look what Blogger has done with my blog!

Friday, June 4, 2010

No-Finish Friday...but when I mow

I've managed to do some stitching this week, but I just can't seem to stay on course. I did get a few stitches done on CCN's Liberty Lane, should definitely be done by next Friday :) Looks like this may be my 4th of July piece this year...I hope.

Because I grew up on the gulf coast, the story down there is breaking my heart. I know you don't have to have grown up down there for your heart to be breaking. Anyway I thought of the beautiful piece by Blackbird designs, Under the Sunlit sky and thought I'd work on it; can't find it right now so pulled By the Bay's Tidal River #1 which will be combined with 2 and 3...something about the shore and birds.

Ah, but when I mow...I pray. No headphones for me. It's always been the place I can escape to when all else fails. That's when I pray for my husband who just underwent chemo #4 out of 12. He started going down hill much sooner and so many symptoms all at once. I think they've always been there in a small way, but he manages not to complain about it until now.

I pray for my friend Earlene who has a terminal illness of her own at age 60 and whose husband has early onset alzhiemers at 62 and hasn't been able to go back to work. Medical bills had already taken their toll when he was diagnosed. Retirement already gone for the most part, and on and on...
My family, a niece in the navy, a granddaughter in the navy, my daughter in law's brother who flies black hawks headed for Afghanistan in July, all the military where ever they may be, their families.
All those people at the cancer center, their care-givers there and the ones at home. I wonder if there is a family in this country that isn't touched by cancer in some way...

But above all of these, I pray for those who don't know one called Jesus as their personal Savior. If I did not have the peace He provides, I don't think I could endure this world another day...why would I want to anyway.
"For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to do that which I've committed unto Him against that day."

The last picture? Think Gift of Stitching cover this month...Tropical Quaker and I've chosen some Dinky Dyes thread to stitch it in instead of the called for which I would have to wait on.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Book! A Friday Finish! A New Blog to Watch!

Happy Friday Blogger buddies! I guess I should show my finish of the week first. I am so glad I showed off my Little House Needleworks "pieces", because it pushed me on to stitching til done on Necessities Sampler. Wonder how long it will take me to get to the framers? but thinking I might do a pillow thingie of some sort.

Next up is this wonderful blog called Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers...the link is in my blog list on the right. She writes about something different each day of the week and Friday is Book Club day where she interviews different authors. I think she calls it something else but you can check it out for yourself.

I did and left a comment and now I am the proud owner of a brand new book that was mailed to me straight from the author herself Margaret Grace. Do I even have to tell you how much fun it was to find that package in my mailbox? I Won it!

Thank you so much Anastasia Pollack for your blog and Margaret Grace for the book. I'm going to read them all now.

Happy Friday to all of you and welcome to some new people I see reading my blog...a very fun part of my morning is reading your blogs.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some UFO's on UFO Tuesday

I'm gonna' share something that I should be ashamed of, but maybe it will motivate me to do something about it.

I love Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks. I think I own or have purshased every chart, including Diane's first before becoming LHN. I don't have all the new releases of the last few months.

First up is Strawberry House...won't this be pretty when it's done?

Then, there is the Necessities's almost there, so why don't I finish it? Maybe I will this think?
Or what about the special edition of Thread Gathering that came with beautiful mother of pearl thread keep and the seven skeins of Cresent Colors thread needed to complete it??!!

And, last, but certainly not least is Country Cottage Needleworks Liberty Lane. I loved this piece when I first saw it on her web sight, bought it as soon as it was available, and these stitches were done very quickly.
Me-thinks one can have so much to enjoy that one can't stop to really enjoy anything. My goal is to finish these pieces and then all the others from other designers...well some of the others anyway...over these next five chemo months.
I think I can. I think I can. I think....
Hugs to all and love your comments,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thoughts on Tuesday

Some people wonder how you can really know some body on line. I don't know about everyone, but I do know about stitchers. My blogger friend DJ at tickled pink in stitches stitched this piece by My Big Toe called Quaker Seasons. She stitched it, I loved it and the next thing I knew she had sent me the chart. At a time when she is going through one of the biggest challenges of her life, she took the time and trouble to mail the chart to me. I won't tell you her can read about it on her blog, but she reached out to me because she knew what my husband and I are going through with his cancer and now the chemo treatments.
And then next, my friend JulieL from the first group I ever joined sent me this beautiful angel needle minder from Kelmskott. Her husband lost his battle with cancer some time ago and she reached out to me because she's been through what I'm going through now and because that's just how Julie is :)
And then there's Mary Burton, also from the original group, but absent for a few years after the loss of her husband to cancer. She sent me these beautiful coasters crocheted by her own hand just to let me know she's thinking of me and praying for us. She's back with the group now :)

And these two little dancing girls? They are two of my beautiful granddaughters, Emily and Morgan, at dance recital. Emily is 14 months older than Morgan :)
And what does this roll top mess have to do with anything? That's where all my cards are. Before I can send any out via snail mail, I've got to clean up this mess so I can find them.
Am I saying it's all about giving and getting from on line friends? No. I'm saying that's just the kind of people you meet in the stitching world. All of you have touched my heart in some way and how it helps on those days when you lose your footing just a little bit. Thanks so much and maybe next time I'll show you a really neat roll think? and maybe something stitched?