Friday, June 18, 2010

Short post before another Friday is gone

My stitching buddy Vickey in stitchingbuddies yahoo group found out I'd been looking for Listen to the Silence by Marcia Muller. She said she'd send it right on to me when she found where she put it.
She found it; I got it Wednesday and read the last page a few minutes ago. A very good book with a neat little twist I absolutely didn't see coming and then the last paragraph opened up a whole new idea on the next book.
But, that book wasn't all! there was another book called Sullivan's Island by Dorothea Benton Frank, a JABC chart complete with buttons and this adorable book bag! I love it! thank you Vickey!
And look what Blogger has done with my blog!

Friday, June 4, 2010

No-Finish Friday...but when I mow

I've managed to do some stitching this week, but I just can't seem to stay on course. I did get a few stitches done on CCN's Liberty Lane, should definitely be done by next Friday :) Looks like this may be my 4th of July piece this year...I hope.

Because I grew up on the gulf coast, the story down there is breaking my heart. I know you don't have to have grown up down there for your heart to be breaking. Anyway I thought of the beautiful piece by Blackbird designs, Under the Sunlit sky and thought I'd work on it; can't find it right now so pulled By the Bay's Tidal River #1 which will be combined with 2 and 3...something about the shore and birds.

Ah, but when I mow...I pray. No headphones for me. It's always been the place I can escape to when all else fails. That's when I pray for my husband who just underwent chemo #4 out of 12. He started going down hill much sooner and so many symptoms all at once. I think they've always been there in a small way, but he manages not to complain about it until now.

I pray for my friend Earlene who has a terminal illness of her own at age 60 and whose husband has early onset alzhiemers at 62 and hasn't been able to go back to work. Medical bills had already taken their toll when he was diagnosed. Retirement already gone for the most part, and on and on...
My family, a niece in the navy, a granddaughter in the navy, my daughter in law's brother who flies black hawks headed for Afghanistan in July, all the military where ever they may be, their families.
All those people at the cancer center, their care-givers there and the ones at home. I wonder if there is a family in this country that isn't touched by cancer in some way...

But above all of these, I pray for those who don't know one called Jesus as their personal Savior. If I did not have the peace He provides, I don't think I could endure this world another day...why would I want to anyway.
"For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to do that which I've committed unto Him against that day."

The last picture? Think Gift of Stitching cover this month...Tropical Quaker and I've chosen some Dinky Dyes thread to stitch it in instead of the called for which I would have to wait on.