Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Nan sal finish!!!

Now this isn't just any finish. This is a wip-into-ufo-into-wip-into-ufo-into-wip-into-FINISH!!!!
I started this piece very soon after it's publication. I wasn't used to the checkered fabric and it gave me fits. The colors so subtle were interfering with fabric with color squares, etc.

A great big thanks to Zeb over at Keep Calm and Stitch for Just Nan Sal and Just Nan junkies fb group I became determined. I couldn't seem to start one without finishing this one. So, here it is complete with all my mistakes, a few tears, and some changes out of pure frustration.

Morning Song by Just Nan
stitched by Babs with
DMC threads on
28 ct Graziano Riviera cream/natural

hugs to all,