Monday, November 26, 2012

I feel so good these days!

I joined a stitchalong...that would be another stitchalong and I'm excited about it. Anyone who is kind enough to be a blogging friend to me knows that I've very little stitching, especially this year. With a chronic illness like mine other physical problems can become chaos if you allow them to. That's what I did, but things are back on track now and on the way to being so much better. I don't like to talk about health and so that's enough about that.
I started Scarlet Letter's Jane Atkinson in February of 2011. I thought she was the prettiest sampler I'd ever seen. Well, this is what she looks like almost two years later...

Then I learned about Nicola who is celebrating her birthday 'year' with a Scarlet Letter stitchalong.  If this isn't enough motivation for me, whatever could be? Helping Nicola get this blog off and going is Jo.  and I think you're invited :)

Hugs to all,