Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Scarlet Letter

I am part of some facebook groups now and signed up for an impossible amount of sal's. But through that I became part of Nicola's birthday year of finishing a Scarlet Letter sampler. Link in my sidebar.
This particular Scarlet Letter I haven't even shown over there yet but thought I'd share here first so you can see I do actually stitch (DJ, lol). I got your cute comment. Will try to stitch on BRD today with you and Mouse.
Anyway, this is called Susan Singleton and I just love the colors  which I'm using dmc instead of silk. The scan doesn't quite live up to my naked eye view, hehe, but this little bit has been fun.

36 ct linen
dmc threads
This is three nights work. first night stitching; 2nd night frogging; 3rd night redoing and adding to. I do hope to add this to an already stretched to infinity rotation.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

tusal and a quick hello

After all this time I wonder if I'm supposed to show how I got the few orts I get every month. I'd have to show and tell all my wips cause I don't have one finish. And I almost forgot to snap a picture this time.
Along with the orts is my alter ego Grumpy. I saw this at a flea market one day along with some of the other dwarfs and decided Grumpy had to come home with me. I told every one that if they could see Grumpy when they come in they better watch out. Course he took a seat in the rocker next to my chair and pretty much stays there all the time. Not sure what that means.
Anyway, just wanted to report my ort before the hour gets too late.

bye til next time,