Monday, November 28, 2011

One Breath at a Time and Sweet Stitching Buddies

They say one picture is worth a thousand words so I'll try to let the pics speak for me.
It all started when my daughter Tami and I went to our LNS, the Cross Stitch Peddler to meet a dear stitching buddy from North Carolina who was going to be in our area  for one day...Deb Stevens. This was November 1st.

This is what we saw when we entered the door...and some of them are in another room shopping...Deb wasn't even in this room. There were 11 beautiful ladies awaiting our arrival along with Marlene, lns owner.
It was something they had been planning for months along with my dd Tami and Marlene. A surprise gathering for Babs and Tami but someone had to  help them get it altogether because none of them had ever been to our town.

A kiss from Georgia who came from Canada...

There was some shopping going on...Angela who came from England.
And here is Deb, the only one I thought would be there...she's shopping too.

And don't you know when the cash register starts singing, you always look the other way, lol? That's what it looks like Georgia is thinking anyway.

These gals had met up in Nashville to spend five wonderful days of stitching, sharing, celebrating halloween festivities and planning how they were going to surprise me the next day. Some of the gifts from them included....well, just look

Now is a good time to say that I was overwhelmed with their thoughtfulness, generosity and love so I did what any southern gal would do....I cried.  And see the little name tag? This is yet another gift for the whole bunch made by Julie and Becky of In the Company of Friends and  gifted to us. The little bit of lace/w name by Georgia I think. They thought of everything. That's Sally beside me and there is a whole story about Sally I will share with you another time.
Now, here is the really sweet part...why they did all this. They know I'm on oxygen and have some bad days. They also knew the chances of me ever making one of their gatherings was very slim. So, they brought the gathering to me. I had said one day in a post to the group something about taking it one breath at a time, and the idea was born. Have a look.

Notice the one breath at a time on two of them?
Now look at the back of the others.
Next up...

now the back

The group
back row: Benita, my dd Tami, Angela, Vickey Georgia, Nita, Deborah, Deb, and Sharron
front row: Donna, Mary, Babs, Sally

where else but Cracker Barrel?
my sweet daughter Tami on the right who was taking all the pictures and in few of them

More beautiful stitchy stuff to come later!

Friday, November 25, 2011

TUSAL again? have not been stitching

Time is coming and going so fast. I don't know what happened to yesterday and can't figure out what's going on today. Confused I am!
You can see from the orts that very very little has been done this month.
I have been sick  for most of the started on the 2nd or 3rd and still have some residual. But it is another day and I want to share with ya'll my very special day on November 1st.
All I'm going to say right now cause I'm sure everyone is watching some ball game :) is look at this sweet card I got from my buddies in original stitching buddies group.

The thing about this card is that it was handed to me personally on November 1st right here at my LNS in Decatur, Alabama. The two gifts you see are just two that were in top of the box when I went to take the picture for this post. I will tell you about them and all the rest when I post again, hopefully on Sunday.  I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all! Have read some posts here and there but not enough to know what's been going on.
Talk Soon!