Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and TUSAL

I almost forgot and maybe I'm too late to be on time which is what I usually am.

First, my orts.... can you see?

Really are a couple in there, lol.

And here is my Christmas jar all done for another full moon year
In case you can 't tell, my ort jar this month was a snowman :)

Daffy Cat, thanks so much for keeping up with this all year. I signed up for next year, my goal being to fill up some jars monthly. I know I can!

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends and your families. I hope the holidays are filled with much love and joy and peace.

All of our festivities are done and hubby and I are sitting quietly at home today with Kylie and Gibbs our sweet cats.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowing in Bama on Pearl Harbor Day

No pictures yet cause I really don't think this will be a snow "event" in the south. If it sticks and stays around I'll snap a picture.
On this day December 7, 1923 my daddy was born. He wasn't at Pearl Harbor, but he did ship out when he was 18 years old. I lost my dad when I was 28, but I can still remember him just like he was then. Happy Birthday Daddy from your only daughter. Of course that made me daddy's little girl and my three brothers just had to live with it.

Some more goodies from my stitching friends to share with you
Bird Tin made by Deb Stevens a couple years ago that I loved.

Inside of the tin (she gave it to me, remembering how much I liked it)
wrong way george, but you get the picture

Also made by Deb; look at all the goodies inside, even an ort bag

teeny tiny stitches from Nita Sinclair and teeny tiny bunches of beads all around
and thread spool pin cushion

And before Nita could get home from trip she picked this up
in Florida for me. heart was inside

My beautiful ornament from the exchange in buddies group
stitched by Sue Kinkell. There's magic in Sue's needle.

and believe it or not, I do stitch. this is
ornament I made for Donna (bd twin) in the exchange.