Saturday, September 22, 2012

Notice there's a stuff in my blog title?

Well, I guess we'll just talk about "stuff" today.  My life is so full of stuff, some bad, mostly good. I've sorely missed blogging friends, stitching, seeing your stitching, I think my biggest problem is motivation vs procrastination. I don't honor my groups, stitching or reading. Do more reading than stitching. I have read some really good books though find me on goodreads. Be warned though, I read everything but romance. My grandson (22) who usually goes to BAM with me can't stand that romances are on the same row as my mysteries, lol.
But the most I've been doing is junking. My hubby does most of the going and picking, either calling me or just surprising me with "stuff".
I was with him when he bought me this 1880"s sewing machine. This is before it's cleaned up but just couldn't take that old old thread out of it. We have the book that goes with it.
This morning he brought me this.

Two weeks ago today he brought me this........introducing Sophie. And last but not least is the ornie I did for my friend Nita in an exchange, pieces of several different designs.

Thanks to all of you who've emailed me, your thoughts mean so much. And thanks to the new ones who so graciously decided to join me here even though I am so unfaithful.

Hugs to all and happy stitching or picking or whatever you're doing today. Beautiful Saturday in Bama.
Welcome autumn!