Tuesday, October 23, 2012

made it over to my book blog

Some of you may have checked in on my book blog and thought "she's worse with book blogs than stitching blogs"...you'd be right, lol.

I did finally post a short one to get started again so you can check it out if you want. If you never checked out my first post, please do. That one is a book I'll always be glad someone kept at me long enough to make me  read it.
I have no followers and sure would like to see some :)

Happy stitching and reading!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a windy Sunday afternoon

Just wanted to share with my blog buddies what my exchange gift is from one of my first stitching buddies, Sally.
And, in case some of you were hesitant about stitching this piece, hope you really get an idea how beautiful it is and how sparkly...just look at those spiders. She could not have picked a better one for me but, oh, the work she put into stitching and finishing. JCS halloween ornament book 2012 by Sunflower Seed.
and, the back! beautiful

Thank you, dear stitching friend I got to meet last November.