Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ort report among other things

First and foremost would be the orts. Very boring  as I've done very little stitching, or maybe a little stitching on many things with virtually nothing to show for it.
I don't know how many "friends" I have left here for real as there's just not been anything to follow, but those of you who are here and will read and comment THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's been another strange summer and if you add the weather to the equation, it's almost twilight zone :)

Herman's reports turned out ok for at least six months when they must do it all again. His lack of energy (they say) will lessen the farther he gets from the cancer/chemo of last year. We must never forget that he has had lupus for years, something that gets lost in the shuffle of all the other stuff. Thanks so much for your prayers and kind thoughts and words. None were/are taken for granted.

Now, for my was a special day seemingly taken right out of time. Herman got me up early and we spent much of the day in Huntsville. We had an early lunch, went to Barnes & Noble at Bridge Street and then to Patches & Stitches, the OTHER lns that I don't go to much but love to browse through all the rooms. It's in an old house downtown and they have quilting, needlepoint and cross stitch. Their specialty has always been old reproduction samplers as well as new ones and I daresay there isn't an inch of wall space not used for the models, some of them very old.
Back to Decatur for the rest of the day. It was stitch in day at my lns and so we got to visit with Marlene and the ladies and give them Herman's report from the day before. They all like Herman  because he's always been interested in our craft/art. He actually introduced me to the world of cross stitch when one of his bosses' wives showed him her work. He couldn't wait to get home and tell me about it. That was when finding a shop was not an easy task and way before cyberspace.
Then it was Books a Million and ended the day at Red Lobster. Worn out? yes oxygen depleted? yes. But it was a fun fun way to get so tired.
I just shopped to my heart's content...why is it that when you can get whatever you want you just don't get that much? I guess the fun was enjoying a day away from the house without worries and just looking at everything.
I will share what my girls did for my birthday in my next post tonight or tomorrow...REALLY! But will leave you with these pics.
First up is one of the treasures I mentioned in my last post a month ago. This is my old sewing machine. It's not a Singer but a Franklin. It is beautiful and I have the belts for it and actually sewed on it the day I brought it home. The beautiful scroll work on it is Egyptian with scarabs and other things my grandson knew more about than I do :) The machine actually drops down into the woodwork when it's closed. The woman we got it from was the original owner or it was in her family.  Where did I find it? In one of our storage sheds out back. I thought I had given it to a friend some years ago, but had changed my mind at the last minute and stored it. The rose is one of many awaiting me when I got up in the morning from Herman and my back yard.
Last up would be my kitten (four months old tomorrow) but inside with me two and a half months. No matter what I do, Gibbs wants to help...everything I do. He makes me laugh all the time and I think he knows I need him.
Birthday stuff next time!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Orts Report

Where does time go? I've been so busy, but mostly in my mind....ever been there? I'm going to lose any followers I may have left cause I'm silent so much. But, oh, I've seen beautiful work and great ideas, happy danced for some, shared tears with some and prayed for many.
I've been on my own little treasure hunt and found some wonderful treasures, but I'll share that in my next post.  You can find the most wonderful things if you just look in the right places :) Anyway, here are my measley little orts for this last month. (see my little angel in the background, DJ?)

We are waiting for some sophisticated testing on hubby the 12th and hopefully all questions and solutions will be dealt with then or at least a plan. We kinda' live in limbo and both of us do a lot of reading.
See you soon! and please check in with me. My blogaversary is past, my birthday is coming up the 13th and wanted so badly to have a giveaway then. But maybe I'll celebrate with a big giveaway with Herman's good news.
hugs and happy 4th of July all,