Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just sayin' not showin'

Spending so much time trying to reorganize and get going and here it is the 7th of February and I'm still spinning my wheels.
I've been trying to bring my pages into 2012 and also a book blog I'm trying to get going. All I've got on that so far is a picture and a heading.
But! one thing i have been doing is reading blogs. That's the best way to get caught up. I've missed so many giveaways and finishes, prayer needs, etc. but I've also missed what's new in the world of cross stitch. It all started on November 1st 2011.....when my friends came to town. I think I'm stuck in that dream world. I keep remembering little things they said or did.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and loving all the stitching and finishing I'm seeing. Don't think I've made many comments but I plan to.
    Gotta' see if I can get these over at the
       Primitive Hare

Hugs,  Babs