Friday, January 11, 2013

TUSAL First of 2013 and a RAK!

I admit I did not remember because I fell off the tusal thing mid year last year, and wasn't even thinking about it this early. Three of my grandchildren made my calendar for the year and they forgot all about the moons :)
I've been doing a lot of joining of stitch-a-longs, drooling over everyone else's choices, gathering up supplies and very little stitching as this picture will confirm, but do have big plans for the year as well as plans for a new ort jar. Please note in the sidebar, a TUSAL link for anybody who doesn't know what this craziness is all about.

I am not going to show all my piddly little starts right now but want to honor my sal's with a picture of progress at least at the end of every month...yep, I said month. And that is beside all the ones rolled over from last year.
Last year was not a good year mentally, medically, physically or spiritually, but putting that all behind and moving on will be an exciting adventure. Don't you agree?
This other picture Is of a needlebook made by my friend Patti, not exactly a gift, but stitched by her none-the-less. Her stitching and finishing is perfection.
So, where is the RAK? that would be the chart you see in this picture. A surprise from Romilly who is a part of one of the fb groups I joined. Thank you so much, Romilly for the totally unexpected prize in my mailbox!!

I have decided I like RAK's and I'm going to be sending some of my own. Grandma's slow but she's old and she always does catch up eventually.

Happy Stitching and Hugs


missy said...

I agree 100% with moving on from lat year. My word for this year is FUN!! Speaking of fun how fun is that little mouse next to your TUSAL.

I just started FB and only have 3 friends all of whom are my family. lol I think I need to find some stitchy friends on FB.

hugs and smiles for you.

Ma Teakettle said...

Ya got more ORTs than me, Babs, and that is a splendid the wee mouse!
I adore your gift and the RAK, what sweet treats you received.
I am with you on a better year, let's be honest last year kinda stunk for so many stitchy sisters that we are all with ya, kid. :)

Heather said...

I love your Tusal and the wee mouse! xx

Maggee said...

yeah! Happy New Year! Let's get stitching! Hugs!

Tami Minor said...

I agree with you, about 2012.Even so, there were some good moments that really helped temper the difficult. 2013 is going to be better! I love your blog, so many cool pictures, features and gadgets, and a great font. Nice for you to get to start your new year receiving a RAK, very sweet!
Love you!

Siobhán said...

Lovely gift and RAK! I agree with you on 2012. It wasn't such a bad year--it was better for us than 2011 and 2010, thank God & all His tender mercies, but I'm hoping that the years just keep getting better. I am trying to go forward and embrace the good and not dwell with worry on things that I can't change anyway. Happy 2013 to you and yours!

Karen said...

It's nice to hear from you, Babs, and see what you're up to. I just noticed your new profile picture, I love your new hairstyle!

Nicola said...

Here's wishing you a better 2013.

Babs in Alabama said...
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