Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just gotta' post something!

I met someone over on a fb group and bought some used charts from her then we decided to just be friends. Great idea but when you invite someone over to your blog you should at least have a recent post, huh? So here it is.
I've been stitching every single day since the last time I posted...just not on the same thing. Then I discovered this place where oop charts I've always wanted were popping up all over the place and that consumed me a couple weeks.
Then I'd try to play catch up on sal's and I think someone must have signed me up for some of the sal's when I wasn't looking. Surely I'm not that crazy??
But this is for all the Long Dog Sampler fans. This just out in PDF format and everyone who sees it seems to feel like singing. I actually did break out in song. It's just a 'feel good' piece and there's already a sal being put together.
So sharing it with you and my new friend Melinda Cole over at Merry wind Farm. I look forward to getting to know her.

Long Dog Samplers: Dawn Chorus
Anyway I'm sorting and stacking and seeing what I won't ever stitch and what I might stitch hoping to come up with some giveaways and sales myself.


Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Babs,
You are just so sweet! I have been outside mowing all day, hope to get some stitching done tonight. All I can ever work in is a couple hours in the evening, wish I had more time. I have never stitched a Long Dog sampler, I had the Moulin Rouge chart at one time, but sold it on the group. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Tami Minor said...

Look forward to watching your progress on this SAL!

Brigitte said...

Babs, it's so nice to see a new post from you. You chose a great new project and I'm looking forward to seeing your start on it.