Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snowed in, January challenges, heads up on a blog

I have 52 blog readers! 52! I am humbled and amazed and am trying to check out anyone I don't follow so I can. Hello to all of you!
The picture at top is Herman and me Christmas at dd Karen's house. I show it off so you can see how healthy he is getting after the year of cancer, surgeries and chemo. It started off at the bottom, I hit the wrong button so now it's back on at top. Oh well. Blogger in training..that's me!

My daughter Tami started a new blog that any of you who want to renew yourself physically and spiritually during this new year should check out. She doesn't always have internet at this time and has to post sporadically, but catches all her days up when she does post.
Yes, North Alabama and even farther south is shut down. Because we don't experience this often, the expense of winter machinery (snow plows, etc.) is not cost effective so our streets and roads become impassable quickly. This causes chain reaction of school and business closings so here we are.

Here's the snowman my grandkids created yesterday. He's tall and 20; she's 16.

I am behind on challenges, but to be anything else would not be me :( A couple days found me not stitching at all except for what you're going to see in these pics coming up.
First up is Apple Tree Sampler by Hawkins House worked on 36 ct. with Belle Soie silks.

Second is Quaker Harmony by My Big Toe done on 32 ct with Weeks dye works.

Third is His Flowers by Rosewood Manor, a personal favorite and so little to show for it. It's on 32 ct. Autumn Blush using dmc.
I did put a few stitches in border of Heart of America but not enough to scan :( But, here is the work done on Battle Hymn of Republic; what it looked like when I picked it back up and what it looks like now. The skipping at the bottom was done in fear that I cut the fabric too short...false alarm.

hugs & happy stitching,



Mouse said...

Lovely work and even nicer photo of the two of you :) its nice to have followers isn't it ... and you look like you have got the snow we had over here ... take care and keep up the good work stitching love mouse xxx

Lumiruusu said...

Thank You for visiting my blog again!

You and your DH look so happy at the picture and what a beautiful Christmas-tree you had.

This Crazy january Challenge is so fun and I like very much to see what others are stitching..

And,yes- there are so many lovely
pattern I have never seen before.

The Apple Tree sampler is so beautiful !!

I am a happy starter,I mean that I dont have any hurry to finish all my projects in time of year.

I stich just the projects that I feel like doing :)
My stitching makes me happy and relaxed !

Be blessed in the name of Jesus and
let his peace be with You,
I will continue to pray for you and your DH.

Maija.L ,Finland

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a great, happy, post! You and your DH are both darling and I'm glad he's doing so well! Your wips are gorgeous - don't know which one I like the best!

The GK are so cute and that snowman is awesome!

Lynda said...

What a great photo of you and Herman - you both look happy and healthy!
I have "Apple Tree Sampler" in my pile to start this week too...if I get the fabric in the mail. Maybe was can do a mini SAL somewhere down the road! Your pieces all look great.

Marian said...

Enjoy the snow. It's extremely cold here, but no snow. I've always said that if it has to be this cold, we could at least have some snow for prettiness.

Bonnie said...

Great starts on all your challenges. I have Heart of America started and can't wait to get back to it.
I also have Battle Hymn of Republic in my stash.
I love your progress on that one.
We have a lot of ice here in SC.

Sheila said...

Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better, Lovely pics.I lived in Huntsville til about a year and half then we moved to Fayetteville,TN so I relate to the snow.Hubby still works in Huntsville so he was home a few days.
Take care and Happy stitching

DJ said...

Hi there Babs! So good to see you and Herman looking so happy and HEALTHY!! What a difference a year makes huh? Love all your stitching that you've posted...I like all the patterns you are stitching. I see a fit of enabling happening here, quick...hide my wallet!! I'll be so glad when all the starts are finished so I can stitch on what I want to stitch...my fingers are itching to stitch Heart of America!! Hang in there, you'll catch up with the challenge. *Hugs*

Ma Teakettle said...

Hmm...make that 56 followers ;)
I wanted to say "thanks" for visiting my blog, Babs, it is so nice to "meet" you. I am now a follower of yours as well, and I look forward to reading about your "little world."
Your stitching is gorgeous, I am in awe, and I love the picture of you and your honey.

Tami Minor said...

I love the picture of you and daddy and the picture of Andrew and Sarah...so sweet!