Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Three Challenge & first TUSAL of 2011

Forgot to mention the first new moon today and TUSAL jar, so here it is. Not much since I used it most of last year :(
DJ, this one is for you. I've wanted to finish this one a long time and stitching along with you is sure to make that happen. This is Heart of America by LHN being stitched with crescent colors on 30 ct. creek bed brown by R&R Reproductions.

Next up is Ann Pennsylvania Peacock by Little by Little stitched with dmc on 36 ct. lite cappuccino. Siobhan inspired me with this one...I think she stitched it 2010 and showed it on her blog. Not much of a start, but it is a start :)

Proud & True by Blue Ribbon Designs is on 36 ct. something with Belle Soie silks. I LOVE this piece and so hope to stick to it until it's done.

Last but not least is my Garden Cat by Birds of a Feather done on 30 ct. Barn Owl with Weeks threads. I can not tell a lie. I have not added any stitches to it yet, but plan to today. This is what it has looked like for some time now, hopefully that will change dramatically. She reminds me of my cat Kylie.

That's it for today.

bye for now,



DJ said...

Hi Babs! You are WAY ahead of me on the Heart of America piece, but that's ok, it's incentive for me to get working on it!! You've got some lovely WIPs there (the cat is sooooo cute!), can't wait to see your progress on them! I'm glad we are working on one piece at the same time, I feel connected to you even more so than before! What a way to start they year, eh? I feel so good about this! *Hugs*

blueladie said...

Wow! What a great start! You have some great pieces and I look forward to seeing your progress. :) Cathryn

Julie and Becky said...

Wonderful start on so many things - LOVE the kitty-cat! Now, 'splain TUSAL to me, Babs - is that the Use-it-up SAL? It seems to be the jar with the orts in it, but I can't quite "get it".


Marian said...

Nice to meet another Bama girl in cyberspace!

Brigitte said...

Babs, you have some great projects on the go for the Crazy Challenge. It's fantastic to look at the different participants' blogs and see so many different projects. What a treat.
I also love Ann Pennsylvania Peacock, but as I don't have it I chose another Little by Little design for the Challenge. I will start it today.
Enjoy the Challenge and have a great new stitching year.

And This Little Pig said...

Babs, lovely starts, the cat is just beyond words.
LiBBiE in Oz

Nancy said...

I love your TUSAL jar!

Such fun projects you are working on. Isn't Garden Cat a wonderful design - anything by BOAF is fun. Enjoy Ann Pennsylvania Peacock. I stitched this a couple of years ago, and it's my favorite (so far)!

Daffycat said...

Thanks for joining my TUSAL, Babs! Great ORTs!

Ziggyeor said...

Hello other TUSAL member! I love your big project! It's looking marvelous.