Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old WIP and New Start

I won't be reporting every day, but did want to share with you my first day of stitching which was not very much but we had a busy day around here and no stitching until the evening.
on the left
Wip Paradise Lost
Plum Street Samplers
35 ct. lambswool & dmc

on the right
Quaker Virtues
ByGone Stitches
36 ct. flax & crescent colors

So much for day one! Moving on to day two :)


And This Little Pig said...

OMG Bab's you really have entered the 'crazies' with gusto, both January Challenges! Good luck, and I look forward to popping in to see your progress.
LiBBiE in Oz

DJ said...

What a start you have there! Well done Babs! Hm....I love both of these patterns, I can't wait to see your progress. Not a bad start for having a busy day! I can't wait for Monday, my fingers are itching to start Heart of America! *Hugs*