Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Get Behinder and hinder!

I am as mixed up as our weather forcast. I live on the cusp of most reports...might rain, probably freeze, maybe snow, cloudy all day or the sun might shine. To be safe, wear short sleeves under your jacket; take your galoshes or your raincoat or your sunglasses just in case we get it all wrong. I really do love the south...really!
Before I forget, I want to tell ya'll that Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs is having a giveaway with drawing on Feb. 5, so get over there and sign up for the beautiful pouch with sewing tools. A great gift! She's got some beautiful new designs coming soon too.

First, I want to share a picture my dd Tami sent via phone yesterday. She just decided to whip this up for me since the last time I saw her. If I have a life verse, this would be it; it is my daily prayer. the pic's not that clear, but you can see she made a couple changes just because she always does :) the design is by La D Da.

Second I wanted to show my itty bitty progress on Heart of America so DJ can see what a few stitches really mean, lol.
Lynda, I got four new letters of the alphabet done Sunday on Apple Tree Sampler :( too few to show.
Monday I got Little House Needlework's first monthly ornament for 2011 and yesterday I found myself throwing everything else aside and working on it. Cardinals, evergreens, bunnies and snow, the perfect winter scene, don't you think?

And last but not least, I want to give you a heads up on a book I just read. I read it in one day because I simply couldn't put it down. It is Left Neglected by Lisa Genova.
That's about it for now. Just staying in and staying warm in my pj's.
bye for now,


Nancy said...

Your photos don't look like you are getting behinder! Your projects look beautiful, and if you're enjoying the ornament the most I say go with it. Beautiful sampler from your daughter!

Patty C. said...

Great progress - I don't know what you mean by behind - You are doing well - Keep it up

Karen said...

I love the La D Da stitching from your daughter and your own projects are coming along very nicely! Isn't it nice to stay in all warm and cozy and work on your stitching?

Tami Minor said...

Your America piece is looking great! Glad you liked Clean was fun to stitch!

DJ said...

Hi Babs, forgive me for not getting here sooner, life is making me behinder and hinder! LOL I would say you are chugging right along!! Your stitching is so beautiful and you can tell you take great care in each stitc. I love the Clean Heart pattern, it is also one of my favorite verses!! I think we must be in the same weather "bubble" but I'm blaming ours on the hot air in Washington! (They get blamed for everything else, why not the weather?) I know you are thinking about changing your jar for the TUSAL, but I LOVE that jar...people have found the most interesting containers!! Ok, off to get some stitching done! *Hugs*

Siobhan said...

Wonderful progress on your WIPs, Babs! They all look great.

Scattered Threads said...

Hello... Love Right spirit. DD did a wonderful job; and all you WIPs are coming along beautifully.