Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogs are enablers in disguise

Anyone ever seen this? It is Jane Atkinson, a
reproduction sampler by The Scarlet Letter. I saw it on
one blog, then in trying to find out more about it, it somehow
ended up in my hands (hence the enabling part)
The verse says
"What though my sins are of a Crimson stain
My saviours blood can wash me white again
Though numerous the twinkling stars they be
or sands along the margin of the sea Or as
smooth pebbles on some beachy shore
The mercies of Almighty still are more.
Is that beautiful or what? Most use silk; I'm using dmc on 40 ct, but I think it's going to look good none the less.
I do have something to show and tell. Remember Winter
Cardinals on my last post? Well I finished it my way, but the picture is somewhat washed out in an effort to get the fabric trim remotely close to its color.

It is from Little House Needleworks done on Flax Fields by R&R, using crescent colors and dmc.

My hubby called to say he was having a little trouble and driving home yesterday from Philly...which he did. He sees his doctor tomorrow, but we think it's related to his port. Something's causing his right arm to swell and numb more than chemo related neuropothy he's been experiencing all along.
So I kept busy off and on all day picking, choosing, deciding how I wanted to finish the ornament and I put the last stitch in just as he was turning in the driveway. I'm not making that up. I walked in to hug him hello with the ornie in my hand. He can see that I do not "use my time for naught" as so many samplers say :)

I may be busy this week, but will try to get back to reading all the blogs I've missed the last couple of days. I leave you with my little start on Jane Atkinson...


Brigitte said...

You are so right - when I browse the stitching blogs I see so many designs that I want to buy immediately. But of course I don't do it. Such a habit would make me a poor woman, lol.
Your ornament finish is very special. Looks great.
I hope that Herman will feel better soon.

Siobhan said...

Great start on Jane! I am using DMC, too. I've had the chart for a few years and figured I'd spring for the silks eventually, but I decided to go for it with the DMC. I think it looks SO nice with the DMC, and I can spend the money I'm saving on framing instead! ;)

Beautiful ornament finish!

I hope things go well for Herman and that he's feeling better soon.

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

Wonderful piece! Love your finish on Cardinal Winter.

Nancy said...

Jane is a beautiful sampler, and the red flower is the prettiest color! Nice finishing on your LHN ornament, and I'm glad your husband made it home safe and sound.

Julie and Becky said...

Jane is wonderful! Such a gorgeous sampler and your start is so vivid! Glad Herman is home, too! Cardinal Winter is lovely , your finishing is beautiful!


Karen said...

What a beautiful finish of Cardinal Winter! I love the ruffled edging you put on it. I'm sure you will have fun stitching on Jane, you are brave to do it on 40 count! Good luck to your husband, hope he feels better soon!

blueladie said...

Your finish is lovely, Babs. And you're right. Visiting blogs are terrible budget busting enablers. LOL. I love the antique samplers. Wish I could design like them. :) Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the visit. Cathryn

Vicky L said...

Tweet came out great! and on 40 ct too! Amazing! great job!

Nancy in IL said...

Babs, the Winter Cardinals is just too cute with the finishing you did! Great job with the ruffled trim! I thought the photo looked fine and I saw the stitching before so knew the colors were a bit "off."

Love the Jane Atkinson sampler and your start shows stunning colors. I know you're going to enjoy this one!

Karen said...

Such a beautiful sampler! Can't wait to see the progress on this one.

Cute ornament finish too...

Valda said...

That is a beautiful sampler! The cardinals finish is so cute! Love the ruffle around it.

Scattered Threads said...

Oh Ms. Babs, your ornament is terribly beautiful. You did a fantastic job on it. I love the msg in the sampler and I know it will be just as beautiful when you are done. Nice little start.
Hope all will be well with DH tomorrow with nothing to worry about. I Dad use to say naught a lot too.
I enjoy reading your post, so don't be out too too long. LOL.

Sylvia said...

Oh yes, Jane has quite the pull - she is a gorgeous sampler!! Love how you finished your ornie.

DJ said...

Oh, what a lovely ornament!! It's just beautiful!! I love the way you've finished it. I wish I lived closer, Babs, I would love to learn how to do that! And Jane Atkinson sampler is really amazing. I can see why you had to have it, and I too love the verse! You've made a lovely start on it...can't wait to see your progress! *Hugs*

Milly~ said...

Your LHN turned out great.

Joy said...

Love tha pattern Babs and thanks for your "blog" enabling! LOL Your ornie looks great! I hope all goes well with dad's name also! Looking forward to your updates on The Scarlet Letter.

Carolyn NC said...

Don't you dare enable me! LOL - I love, love, your JA sampler. The verse is just exquisite and so true. Very eloquently put. Looking forward to progress on this one. And wonderful ornie finish!