Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UFO Tuesday

Today's UFO is going to be The Woolgatherer's Cottage Farm by Linda Myers. I wrote down when I started it some years ago, but can't remember where I put that list :(
I thought if I posted a picture, it would shame me into getting some real stitching done on it. It's a fun piece done on the 25 count called for and dmc threads.
I think I tried to do this posting a ufo thing some time back and it had absolutely no effect on getting it done. maybe it will work this time.

Happy Tuesday! and God bless!



Brigitte said...

Oh, Babs, you have a Linda Myers project. How lovely. I just love her designs and have a couple of them but have never started one. Maybe I should do it once one of my big projects will be finished.

Karen said...

Hi Babs! This looks like a really nice project, I've always liked Linda Meyers' designs, too. Good luck, hope you find yourself wanting to get back to it.

Suzann said...

This is a really cute design!!

DJ said...

Oh, it's soooooo cute, it deserves to be finished! Hope you are feeling better, Babs, you are always in my thoughts and prayers! *Hugs*

Nancy said...

Your sampler is looking very pretty and looks like a very fun project! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Lumiruusu said...

It has been some time for me to visit your blog,but I have not forget You my Dear Sister!

I like your ssmpler very much,very light and gente colours on it.
You will finish it when it is time for that.
"There is a Time for everything..."
How is the weather in Alabama on September?
We have a beautiful autumn up here in the north..
The leaves of the trees are coloured in yellow and red and on the night time it is sometimes even little of minus degrees..
We have a season of potato harvest here on the coyntryside where I live..
My DH is busy with his truck carrying potatoes from the farms to the factories..

With blessings,
Lumiruusu from Finland

Scattered Threads said...

I like what you are working on Ms. Babs. Hope all is well.