Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So little to show & tell

It is so hot and humid in the south, there's just very few ways to amuse one's self when there's no air to breath and no energy either.
But I managed to mow some on Saturday while it was still in the low 90's, go to church on Sunday while it was in the high 90's, cook chicken stew for hubby yesterday and have done absolutely nothing today and it's almost noon!
On the stitching front, I've delighted in this little piece by Little House Needleworks called Simple Joys. Thing is, this is my second start on it. I actually had to trash the first one cause I cut the fabric too close...I forgot to measure and measure again before I picked up the scissors. I had started it on a bigger piece of fabric and waited to get a bit done before trimming the fabric down. I was so mad at myself that I threw the other one in the trash or I would share with you. Second start is from the middle outward instead of top left corner where I usually start. I love these purple flowers :)

And then, here is my last finish that I forgot to share with you. This
is Land That I Love by Shepherd's Bush. Thought I'd get it finished
into a pillow before showing it, but the sewing machine is in yonder and I'm in here :)

My 45th wedding anniversary will be Friday...45 years! That really is a long long time. My big brother ran into an old friend of mine at highschool reunion last weekend and I've really been walking down memory lane since talking to him (brother).
She and I were friends all through high school when we thought the most important thing in the world was a boy friend. I have not talked to her since the birth of my youngest child in 1977. I moved away from home town a few months after birth of first child and lost contact with just about everyone but a few friends and family.
I've written her via email this morning and hopefully will "talk" to her soon. So much has happened in both our lives, to catch up would be almost impossible. She knew my husband while he was still just my steady boyfriend.
I have enjoyed reading the blogs I follow. Even if I fail to leave a comment, please know that I check in on you every time you post.
Til next time, God bless and keep you safe and well.


Suzann said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a long time. Congratulations.
Chatting with old friends is fun.
I am loving that Shepherd's Bush chart.
And I hear ya with the heat. It's been hot and humid here in Chicagoland and sooo not fun.

Karen said...

Love the little Shepherd's Bush finish, Babs. It's also hot and humid here in northern Michigan. Happy Anniversary!

Brigitte said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.
I love your stitching, the LHN has great colours and the SB finish looks gorgeous.
I can't stand the heat either, I always feel completely drained when it's so hot. Our heat wave is gone for the moment and I'm so happy about it.

Nancy said...

Happy 45th Anniversary to you and your husband! I hope the day is a special one for you.

You have been doing some lovely stitching. I love the flowers on the LHN piece, and the Shepherd's Bush piece is just wonderful!

DJ said...

Happy Anniversary Babs! Today is my anniversary but I'm still a newlywed compared to you! (26 years) I hope you enjoy your day even though you may not be able to do much, spending quality time together is such a gift!! Lovely stitching as always, I love the purple flowers too! *Hugs*

Daffycat said...

Beautiful WIP! I love LHN designs. Oh my, I am so nervous about mis-measuring/mis-centering I tend to WAY over estimate the size fabric I need! I sometimes end up with a little design in the exact center of a GIANT piece of fabric!!!