Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A PIF, no photos, no stitching

OK. I am one of the lucky recipients of a PIF from Lynda. Now, I've been a recipient of her beautiful stitching before because she and I have been part of the same yahoo group going back over 10 years. But, I have never participated in the PIF thing. So, the way I understand it is....Lynda is going to stitch me something in this next year. But I am supposed to host a PIF drawing on my blog and if anyone actually signs up, then I draw from those names and do something for the winner in this next year. If no one signs up, then I'll choose someone from previous comments to do a RAK...that's my own rule cause some of you have been so kind to encourage and inspire me since I've been blogging. See? I'm learning. Before the blog I knew what a random act of kindness was; now I know what a RAK is. My one year anniversary is coming up so this will be a good way for me to "practice". I really need some practice :) Drawing to be held on April 13th. hugs, Babs


Julie and Becky said...

Okay, see, I should KNOW, but... what's a PIF?

I KNOW you were very deserving of something wonderful, though, so I'm guessing that's what it is!


Julie and Becky said...

Never mind - figured it out - Pay it Forward! Now, where did I put my head?


Julie and Becky said...

Ummmmm - and I forgot to say how much I would love to receive something, I got myself all tangled up! Clearly, I need serious help!


Babs in Alabama said...

juliebee, you're going to fall on your face again if you don't stop and untangle yourself, lol. I'll take 3 comments as a "sign me up"
Thanks buddy, for the laugh :) what would I do without my stitching buddies group?
love ya',

Maria said...

I'd like to participate..I think I need some practice too;). Babs, your work is always very fine!

Mouse said...

oooo count me in too :) I love receiving stitched gifts :) hope you are ok :) love mouse xxx

Ruth said...

I'd love to be included too Babs. Thank you. :D

The winner would then have to have a PIF would I be right in thinking. ?

Sue said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, it's good to know that I'm not always talking to myself. I'd love to be entered for your PIF. xxxx

Jackie said...

I don't normally do this (sign up for stuff); but I am going out out on a limb for this one. LOL. Kak,kak,kak.
Sign me up for that dog gone PIF.

Siobhan said...

I will enjoy watching what everybody else does... I'm not good at obligation stitching but admire what others do!

Congratulations on your LHN finish! It is beautiful!