Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter a day early little long with pictures!

On April 24, 1921 Chelma Adele Thiele was born in Missouri. She was one of the most unique people I have ever known, unlike any of the other mothers I met as a child and, as I grew up, and even after I became a mother myself. She was shy, but gave so much of herself to her family and others.

Her craft was crocheting and my daddy loved to sit and watch that crochet hook move so fast (he watched me too, when I grew up and took up the hook :) But, she did two cross stitch pieces in her life....and this is the one I still have today after many years.

Mother was taken from us in the aftermath of Katrina. She married my daddy during WWII, and they moved to the Mississippi gulf coast when I was three years old and that's where I grew up and married.

Her birthday falls on Easter this year and I thought I would honor her by sharing her with my friends. She loved to laugh, so when the SS class I taught gave me a picture frame along with flowers I knew which picture would go in it. This was her last visit to my house. In the grouping, a baby picture and one as she looked when my daddy courted her :) You can also see my little sal finish I made into a pillow and the needleroll friend Sally gave me in an exchange. The pin keep bunny, friend Lavon gave me just because I loved it when I saw it.

Next up is Anna's Bird by Goode Huswif which I stitched in Mother's honor, renaming it Chelma's Bird., as beautifully unique as she was.

Thought I'd have this little sampler done by now, but only close...maybe tonight.

Did finish a prairie schooler ornament from their cranberry Christmas book. I chose a non-Christmas fabric cause the green matched both the trees of the ornament and the washed out green of the ric rac. Just had fun with this one and added the yellow/gold stars :)

That's it for now. Happy Easter, everyone, and please do remember why we celebrate this time. What a time of renewal, of strength, faith and the hope that is in us.




Sue said...

Hi Babs, I love your memories of your mother. April 24th would have been my mum's birthday too though she was born in 1920. 4 years ago today was the day we buried her so a day of mixed emotions.
I love the stitching, especially the sampler. Easter Blessings to you and your family.....x

Mouse said...

oh I like how you have done your memory table and the stitching as well too :) love that little sampler you are doing , what is the pattern, designer ??? Happy Easter to you all love mouse xxx

DJ said...

Hi Babs! What a lovely display you have to honor your Mother on her birthday! Lovely stitching too, the bird is so unique, and would do your Mom proud! The little sampler is so precious...I love the thread you are using! The fabric seems perfect for your Christmas ornament! I hope you have a Blessed Easter (one of my favorite holidays!) and that you'll feel renewed and refreshed. As my friend, Teresa, says...FTH (Feel the hug) LOL *Hugs*

CalamityJr said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. Missing our mother can be so hard! I'm glad you found such a lovely way to honor her and enjoy your memories.

Tracey said...

What a beautiful tribute Babs! What is that pattern that you are working on? I love it. (((HUGS)))

Maria said...

You have lovely memories! The cross-stitching your Mother has done is beautiful.Your sampler also!

Rita said...

What a lovely memorial to your dear Mother!