Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something about Tuesdays and Rain

It used to be March winds; April Showers; May flowers...but not anymore.
Thank you for every little comment I get! I may not get that many yet, but they mean everything to me!
I pray that none of you have friends and loved ones in the area of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Many of us know missionaries over there and as of Sunday some were unaccounted for. My husband being a nuclear engineer for GE knows many of the people who are at the power plant as they were over there for an outage, a.k.a. regularly scheduled shut down.

When the news media runs with the "nuclear" scare, I call him to get the real story. I've woke him up the last two nights because I hadn't changed my clocks yet and he's an hour later than me anyway, he's been real patient with me though.

Where does time go? The older I get, the faster it flies and the less I can account for.

I did not check in last week with my Heart of America progress, but here it is today. Being in a hurry, the picture didn't turn out too good, but I'll really work on it when the piece is done :)
I am so sorry about the frogs that landed on DJ's HoA, but even with that she still manages to show off :)

DJ also started this little Easter sal going on over at http://novalee02.over-blog.com/g.com/ . She has closed it for new participants, but I'm thinking there will be others. This is part 1 & 2 and I have part 3 to finish by Saturday. Surprise DJ! No more enabling please!

I got a few stitches in my Apple Tree Sampler by Hawkins House, but only a few unless you count that I had to frog the first motif and have stitched it twice now.

A Joanne's opened in Huntsville and my dd and I had a fun time in there Saturday. I've only been in one and that was in St. Louis years ago. Also went in Michaels there. DD was doing the scrapbooking/cards thing and I was looking for fabric and trims for finishing things.

Well, I better see what's going on outside with the weather. We've had so much rain, trees are going to start falling if there's much more before the winds begin.

Bye for now,



Mouse said...

Hi Babs ... the weather doesn't know what its doing any more does it :( ... can see progress ... and ooo you doing the Easter sal too .. I decided against this one as soo much on plate already ..lol . hope you got some nice stash while shopping .. love mouse xxxxx

Tracey said...

Your WIP are looking great!! I need to stop playing on my computer at night so much and get some stitching done! :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful projects you have in the works! It's a rainy day here too, and guess what rainy days are good for? Stitching!

Siobhan said...

Thankfully, it was NOT a rainy day here! ;) It was nice to have the sun shining and the temps warming up a bit.

Wonderful progress on your stitching!

DJ said...

Oh Babs, Your HOA is looking wonderful! I'm thankful we started our own little SAL because it keeps me moving forward on it. It's one of the biggest projects I have going right now and it's a challenge to work on!! I'm sorry I've been enabling you...I'll try not to surf the net and just work on my crazies for now!! I love the Apple Tree Sampler!! And I'm sorry the frogs visited you...I wonder what repels them? I'm hoping they stay away from both of us!! *Hugs* I'm praying for some warm sunny days for both of us!