Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, a good day to post

I really have been so busy as a person like me can be. Hubby has been cutting my trees down. He loves his chain saws, but not that crazy about some of our trees.

He's also getting a lot of work done on the house because of the hail storm we had some time back. Roof is done; next the windows and doors. He's thinking about getting the French door in the back I've wanted since we moved here in 1986.
As for stitching I have finished the stitching on my prim sisters club piece by Pineberry Lane and hope to have a sewing day to put the pocket together. Picture has fabric so you can see what it will look like on the back. I'll show it off when it's done.It's called Prim Sisters School of Needlework.

I've already gotten my second kit which is by Betty DeKat of primitivebetty's called Prim Sisters Needlebook.  I love them both!!
Remember that little Quaker rose by Little by Little I fell in love with? I've done some stitching on it too.

Did I show you the PIF I did for Maria? sometimes I really do get something stitched and finished, lol.

And here is the picture of 56 colors of beautiful DMC cotton floss with fabric behind. I will show a little of the project as I go but won't tell you what it is yet.

This is late May; has anyone checked my dream of finishes for 2012 up top?  I just did and lost my breath, lol. What would life be if we didn't have our dreams?
Thank you so much for the response from my last post. I was overwhelmed and so happy. I've won things I haven't shared, gotten things I haven't shared . So time, real soon.



Nancy said...

Your stitching projects are beautiful Babs! I hope you enjoy Quaker Rose as much as I did. I can't wait to see what you stitch with all those beautiful colors of thread. It sounds like your husband is very busy!

Thoeria said...

Love your stitching! Will wait patiently to see what you're going to do with that hoard of DMC :)

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the stitching front :) cute pillow too .. and coooo thats a lot of pretty colours .... can't wait to see what you are going to do with them :) love mouse xxxxx

DJ said...

Hi Babs!! So happy to hear from you, I've missed you!! Love your stitching and am so pleased to see you've been working on things even though you haven't shown them to us. The quaker rose is breath taking, the little Joyful Hearts pillow is beautiful..such a lovely finish, Prim sisters is so cute, I've seen that somewhere else, but can't remember where...and I hope you come back soon to show us what all the pretty colored floss is for...I just know I won't sleep until you spill the beans! Hope to see your next blog entry soon! (Demanding aren't I?) Love and hugs!

Juanita said...

Love the stitching, Babs! That PIF project is just darling. I know how you feel about trying to keep up with the blog... mine fell by the wayside for so long, that I decided to start fresh with a new one. :)

Anonymous said...
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DebS said...

Hi Babs,
Your Prim Sisters Club piece is beatiful and the fabrics match perfectly. The PIF is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to stitch with the DMC.

Patty C. said...

I just love the Prim Sisters School of Needlework piece - what a great pattern !!!!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely stitches! I shall look forward to seeing even more in the future!
Peaceful stitching Babs...

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your stitching is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing all those lovely colours take shape!
Happy stitching.

Brigitte said...

Babs, the Prim Sisters piece looks just gorgeous. And the fabrics go perfectly with it. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
Isn't Quaker Rose a wonderful project? I loved every single stitch on it.
You made me really curious about your new start, the fabric and threads look very promising. I hope you will show a bit more of it in your next post.

Tami Minor said...

Love all the home improvements you have been doing...of course all of your other blog followers can't just drive by like I can! You should post a photo or two! Love you!

Anonymous said...

You've got some great projects going and I will find myself stalking (I mean following) you now. ha ha

Miss LindaLee said...

Hello Babs! I just ran across your wonderful blog this evening and I'm your newest follower. I too am a Christian and am 66 years old.

I love your blog. Newsy and lots of great pictures. Your stitching is beautiful. I'll be back often for sure.

I have a blog as well, "CrossN' My Stitches". I enjoy blogging and feel that it's almost a part of the art of stitching.

Hope to see a new post soon here. You're doing a great job.

Isobel -Argante- said...

Your stitching projects are beautiful
I love the Prim School.. enchanted!!!

The Primitive Hare

angelasweby said...

There's certainly plenty of work there to keep Herman busy...haha!
I love your Prim Sisters club piece and the next one sounds as if it will just as nice. I'm really beginning to love these Pineberry Lane designs. Little Quaker Rose is looking very pretty and your PIF pillow is delightful. What a lovely way to finish it. Now I wonder what that pile of jewel like DMC threads is for :-)
Angela xx