Thursday, October 27, 2011

Full moon again? orts and other stuff

Time can sure get away from you can't it? I'm supposed to be over there watching the world series. I won't say who I'm rooting for, but if my team wins I get to watch Fringe tomorrow night. My very favorite show on TV right now.
Orts? Yes, I've got a few...again.  I've stitched on so many things since last post but the only things I've finished are exchange pieces. It was fun using all that fall/Halloween thread whether I can show off finishes or not.
First up, my orts. Maybe  using these itty bitty containers is not a good idea, power of suggestion and all that.
Next up is picture of a very special chart from The Sweetheart Tree. Special first because it's a stitch for the cure piece. But also special because I WON this chart. I did! DJ offered three different charts for giveaway and I won this beautiful hardanger one. Have I ever done hardanger? No, but this is a good time to learn, huh?  She even included a piece of fabric and offered the specialty thread. I'll  post progress pictures as I stitch it. I will!

These next two pics are of the goodies I won from my friend Julie of In the Company of Friends. She drew my name from our halloween exchange in my stitching buddies group. Can you believe the pumpkin head witchie? It is intricately stitched to perfection and put together like a professional (which is what she is :) I am the lucky one for sure. The thread winders are so special and the cute earrings are made by her. A very talented lady...she and her partner in business, Becky, are both so talented.

Last is my fall table located in the foyer. There are gifts from years ago, a few years ago, last year and now this year. A little fuzzy but you get the idea.

My last bit of news is that one of my stitching buddies from my very first group all the way back to 2000 will be here in my town next Tuesday. We are going to meet up at my LNS the Cross stitch Peddler, visit and stitch a little, have lunch, etc. My daughter Tami and I went to stitching festival in Nashville in 05 and met Deb then. Tami will be joining us Tuesday too. Am I excited or what?

Hugs and don't eat too much candy on halloween,


April Mechelle said...

Great Halloween Wins Babs!!! Great pictures.

Thoeria said...

What a lovely win! Good luck with the Hardanger! I made my first little foray into it not so long ago and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :-)
Your exchange pieces received are stunning - really talented lady indeed. Enjoy the meet up with your stitching buddy! Is meeting at the LHN a good idea though - I see lots of stash buying in your near future :-)

DJ said...

Wow, Babs, your home looks like it's decked out for the season! You have been a lucky lady haven't you? I have most of the specialty threads so will be sending them out next week...I loved that pattern so much I went back to my LNS and bought myself one...maybe we can have another SAL? LOL It will be a while before I can start though...Enjoy meeting your friend...I'll keep wishing we could meet up one day! *Hugs*

Lizzy said...

Oh, do have fun with your friend, Babs... sounds lovely! Beautiful Halloween goodies and your decorations are lovely indeed! Wishing you a lovely, stitchy weekend and Happy Halloween! Blessings always in stitches...

Brigitte said...

Such beautiful Halloween goodies. Your little display table also looks very inviting - the loevly pieces together with the fall-coloured flowers - just beautiful.
I hope you are having a lot of fun meeting your friend.

Anonymous said...

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