Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tusal, Polly wolly doodle all day, serial starter, etc.

I will start with my orts for you, Daffy Cat, I guess since this is the day for that ...look real close and you can see that not much happened in May. It seemed I had a book or needle in my hand every day, but it doesn't seem as though I was doing anything with them, lol. The little doily and the homemade flag thingie we found at a little roadside flea market.

We spent a day at the hospital last week; Herman is going through a lot more tests and I just wish they'd stop cause they find something different every time they look. DD Tami was with me and gdd Sarah and they ran over to the lns to get me some threads.  They also picked me up a Shepherd's Bush pin cushion, the next LHN ornament; and the Peaceful Garden by The Stitching Parlor which happens to be something I've wanted but couldn't remember the name or designer came in the mail cause Lizzy has it stitched on her blog and I FOUND it just blog hopping one day.

Remember Polly Wolly by La D Da? It's almost there and hope it will be a Friday finish this week. I LOVE this little piece...the song goes round and round and....It will be a challenge finish on the "new" side with Minna.
I've been putting a few stitches in Strawberry Garden, one of Blackbird's Loose Feathers designs. I saw it done on someone's blog and of course I had the chart and just had to start it. I'll remember who it was :)

Then I fell in love with the Funky Flower Gardners over at By the Bay with Donna and wanted to have my own gardens. I opted to split my flowers on two pieces of fabric and this first one is Victoria started on Queen Anne's lace and could Not get a realistic look but you got the idea.

And then, Brenda Gervais over at With Thy Needle and Thread went and started a mystery sampler that promises birds. No way could I pass this up, but got to get going on it before next installment.

There are so many stories of faith and good will toward man here. People from all over the country have come to help and then there are those who headed for Missouri. My heart cried when I saw that devastation. and then the flooding in Mississippi, my home state; the flooding in Louisiana where I moved from to come to Alabama. I know people in all these places, but they're all bouncing back.  I heard a man on local news yesterday who was working with men to build a church which was totally destroyed here...he said "Working with a bunch of Christian men is just different than your regular construction crew". 
Love you all....DJ, you need NOT to come to Alabama or anywhere else; You have worked so hard to recover and with the heat and mosquitos and other critters, and standing water, etc. etc. please don't take a chance with your health at this stage of recovery. You said you could "only pray", but prayer is job 1 and many forget that.
Babs  Do you see why I said serial starter in title?


Mouse said...

Hi Babs :) glad to see you have been busy while you have been quiet ... love all your starts/wips and your new stash :)take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxxx

Julie and Becky said...

Babs, I love your starts and the cute flag and doily, too... Glad to see you are still working away - we miss you when you're quiet, and worry a little...


Lelia said...

beautiful stitching ; )

luv Strawberry Garden !!!

Daffycat said...

What a great TUSAL update, Babs! You have awesome stash...and gee ~ life is short, START EVERYTHING!!!

Karen said...

I enjoyed seeing your various projects, Babs, it's always nice to see what you're up to. My favorite is the Strawberry Garden, it's going to be beautiful!

SueNJ said...


I love all these projects and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I personally know the struggle and frustration of a spouse who is ill but our faith makes us strong. I recently started stitching again and you have given me inspiration.

Be blessed,

Suenj :)

Jackie said...

Hi Babs. Serial starter you are, but all so very beautiful. Love it and your new stash. I hope your DH is doing okay hun.
TFS it all.
Hugs to you.

Sue said...

Love all the projects that you've got going on. Hope everything goes well for your husband...x

Patty C. said...

Love the stash ;)

DJ said...

Hi Babs! What lovely stitching you've been doing...I've been eyeing that SAL from With Thy Needle and Thread...I'll have to live vicariously through you while you stitch it! LOL I'll be praying for your DH and for you too! I'm so sorry he's going through even more. You aren't the first one to tell me to stay home from Alabama, so neither my son or myself will be coming, and yes, I'll continue to pray for everyone there as well as Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Japan (did I miss anyone?) Take care, my friend, and remember to look after yourself too! *Big Hugs*

Siobhan said...

All of your WIPs are wonderful, Babs!

Gillie said...

I do like Polly Wolly - oh dear, I feel a need to buy coming on! Hugs to you both and hopes that Herman's test come back clear.