Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUSAL on a bleary bleak Tuesday

I don't even know how I remembered this but here it is.  My before and after pics of April stitching.  If you notice a lot of pink in there, that would be the Bed of Roses that I almost stitched twice with the help of my little friend. The faerie put a spell on him so I could finish.



I'm just going to have to stop.  Still trying to get the hang of my new blogging system, but you get the idea.
Hugs & happy stitching!


Mouse said...

love the frog and fairy :) hope she keeps him away for you ..lol love mouse xxx

DJ said...

Wow, Babs, look at what you've accomplished so far this year! Your needles MUST be smoking! I'm still praying for you and your family. Love the frog fairy...could you send her this way please? The frogs don't seem to want to leave me alone either! *Hugs*

Heidi said...

Thinking about you this afternoon and wondering how you are doing? Do you realize an ort jar is a Make do and Mend item? :-)

Hugs from Holland ~