Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday musings and other stuff

At this writing I don't even have a name for this post yet.  Maybe it will come to me by the time I'm done.  I have no stitching to report, not because I haven't stitched anything...just haven't stitched enough to report.
Herman is doing ok. In fact he returns from a short trip to Philadelphia tomorrow so I've been by myself . Right, there's no excuse for not getting anything accomplished.
I just didn't want my next post to be at full moon again with a measley amount of orts.
Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I did have a happy one.
We also celebrated our 46th (that's 46) anniversary on the 6th of August. That was a happy day too :)
Am I the only person who loses followers instead of gains them? Can't say I blame anyone, but please come on back??
I will announce my giveaway next Monday the 29th and it will run for two weeks with a winner being announced on September 13. There's a couple things I'm undecided about but it'll come to me....surely.

Want you to meet Claudia, my little prim buddy and her buddy-bear.

There is a shop here called the Gathering Place, seller of Christian books and such.  Then she has one little room full of antiques and new stuff made to look antique and always a prim doll or two. I named her after Claudia, the youngest of the Warehouse 13 team on SYFY. She is so cool and  really smart, full of quips and laughs. It was a toss up between her and Abby on NCIS, but since Gibbs name came from there, decided to go with Claudia.
Does she look bored?
I signed up for the Autumn Sampler that Brenda at With thy Needle and Thread came up with and offered to members of Samplermakers (sidebar). I hope I got all that right.

So, that constituted an order from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I chose some of her autumn hand-dyed threads and trims and buttons and hope to come up with a most beautiful design of my own....never have yet, but we'll see.
I think that's it for now. If you're still following me, wish you'd let me know, and even if you're not. I really do understand. Oh, that blue chair thingie in the top of the last picture?  I joined the world of handicapped parking. I figure that'll pacify Herman for awhile, lol. You think?
happy stitching!


Julie and Becky said...

Love the new look, Babs! And Claudia! What can I say? I love her! I bought myself a little dolly this weekend, too... will think about taking her picture some time this week.


Teresa said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your DH.

Sheila said...

Happy Belated anniversary to you and your husband.
I like the new look of yuor blog.

Nancy said...

Hi Babs, Glad I found you! Happy Belated must have done something right!!!! I wish you both the best. Keep in touch. Nancy

DJ said...

Congratulations on your 46th anniversary! So glad you enjoyed your day! Love the dolly...and it's funny, you mentioned some of my favorite TV shows too! Another thing we have in common. Love the new additions to your stash...lovely colors. Can't wait to see your new project! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I'm a new one here :)))

Congratulations on your 46 th (!!!) anniversary !

I like your Claudia and her bear,too.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary, Babs! Claudia and her little bear are so cute! Nice stash haul, too!

XStitcher said...

Hi Babs, Happy belated birthday and Anniversary and my present to you is that I am now a 'follower' of your blog. I am also so pleased you left a comment on my blog, it is always heartening when people do.

Angela said...

Babs I'm following and loved reading all your news. I'm glad Herman is feeling so much better . I love your gorgeous prim doll and I especially love the sound of the little room at The Gathering Place. What a great place to look for treasures. What a wonderful selection of threads and trims form Nancy. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Angela xx

Tami Minor said...

yes...I'm still following! I am going to buy that SB Passion on the way home today if Ken and the boys will let me stop! I love that pretty! You are going to have one happy winner!

Terry said...

I follow your blog on Google Reader.
Happy belated birthday and anniversary! What a wonderful potpourri of treasures you are sharing in celebration! Blessings!