Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Patriotic stitching frenzie

Nonnie (me) & granddaughter Annie
I know this isn't much to show, but wanted to let you know what's been going on around here. July is my birthday month and I've always shied away from all the patriotic stuff that comes out every year around July and the 4th. But something happened this year...maybe cause I'm turning 63 soon and my country doesn't look the same anymore, or maybe I'm ashamed of always giving the patriotic pieces I stitch away. Whatever the reason, I do feel so patriotic, and I am so proud of being an American, I just feel like doing something about it.

My daddy served in WWII; my little brother served in Vietnam; my two other brothers served in the military in their early years. Maybe I'll just stitch all this in their honor and the honor of all the others now, which includes my granddaughter Annie (above picture), my niece Jenny, my geat nephew Carlie Ryan and his wife Ariella. Hats off to all of you then and now and those to come.

This first piece, hard to identify right now is Shepherd's Bush Land that I Love.
Here is Shepherd's Bush Tiny Flag which hopefully, will be a pin cushion in the next couple of days...maybe?Finished pieces today include Blackbird Designs little July stocking which started this whole thing.
And then, Shepherd's Bush Be Brave pillow. It looks a little squshed or lop-sided, but this is the first scan. When I get them all displayed, it will look better...I think.
I have this old timey table that I'm converting into my patriotic place, and hope to have a picture of it for you this week.
Bye and hugs for now,


FIONA said...

Love your little finishes and have enjoyed catching up with your blog! Thankyou!

Juanita said...

Great job on the finishes, Babs. LOVE the little stocking! :)

Lumiruusu said...

Your all stitchings are all so sweet again !!!

I like so much all America themed stitchings they are so different on a good way!
The colours are so brave; red ,white and blue!!

The flag of Finland is white/ quite a pale blue and the cross themed one just like the flag of Denmark (exept the colour)
Our flag is white as the snow and
blue as the thousands of lakes we have here..

DJ said...

Wow, Babs, you've been busy!! Happy Birthday (though I'm not sure of the day!!) Can't wait to see the other finishes you'll have when all is said and done, the one's you have done are lovely!! How is DH? I keep praying for you guys! *hugs*

Scattered Threads said...

Hello Ms.Babs.
Happy Belated Birthday. So glad to hear from you here. Lovely pic of you and your grand-daughter; it is worth at least 1,000 words. Please thank her for her service as this is near and dear to me. All of your patriotic stitching is lovely and my BBD stocking like yours is already a UFO without one stitch. LOL.
I hope all is going okay with you and family.
May all blessings continue.
Always. Jackie.